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South Times Briefly

Rename City? Just Drop That Hyphen

Times South Bureau

The battle over the city's official name is over - at least until the next municipal election.

This new city of 24,000 is ``SeaTac'' - not ``Sea-Tac,'' according to City Manager Doug Sutherland and Gary McIntosh, elections director in the secretary of state's office.

For the past 10 months, the King County elections office contended the city's name had a hyphen because residents voted last March to create the ``City of Sea-Tac.''

The original petition requesting an incorporation election did not hyphenate the name. ``It was the county that screwed up,'' said Bill Bowlin, who drafted the petition.

Now Bob Bruce, superintendent of the county elections office, refers all questions regarding the spelling of the city's name to Sutherland.

``I don't want to get into a fight over what their name is,'' Bruce said. ``What the official name is of the city, that's up to the


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