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Seen, Heard, Said

Seen, Heard, Said -- People


LOVE (OR IS THAT HER PERFUME?) IS IN THE AIR: Elizabeth Taylor is on a mall tour, espousing the finer points of her new perfume ("It reminds you of making love in the warmth of the summer sun") and generously offering insights on love. "Well, you get really fat, and everyone says, `She looks awful.' Then you exercise a little, then fall in love, and everyone says, `She looks pretty terrific.' " The key, counsels Lady Liz, who by all accounts is looking pretty terrific with marriage No. 9 three weeks away, is to "fall in love with the same person over and over." But not, we assume, with the nasty complications of divorce sandwiched between the in and out fallings.

MORE LOVE IN THE AIR: As you may recall, yesterday in this space we reported that Willie Nelson has taken a full-time job singing in a Missouri club, and we offered the theory that this event, along with his debt to the IRS, is evidence of Nelson being just a regular guy. Today we have more evidence: He has married (fourth time, and, well, if you're asking, yeah, we suppose he looks "pretty terrific.") Anyway, in another regular-guy twist, he married the mother of two of his children, Annie D'Angelo.

LOVE MAY KEEP THEM TOGETHER: Steven Spielberg, 41, and Kate Capshaw, 38, are expecting their second child in February. They have a daughter, Sasha, 16 months, and an adopted son, Theo, 3. The filmmaker has a son, Max, 6, by Amy Irving and Capshaw has a daughter, Jessica, 15, from her previous marriage to a guy who is so regular he doesn't get his name printed, much less in bold-face type.

IT MIGHT BE LOVE: Joan Rivers has a new boyfriend. He's Greek shipper Spiros Milonas. Yes, there is someone out there for everyone.

LOOKING FOR LOVE: So what made Geraldo Rivera see the light, what made him finally end his "voracious pig" period? "I asked myself, `How many more conquests do you need before you're satisfied you're not a homosexual?' " He lost count, but his traumatic conversion to monogamy finally came, he says, in 1987 when he married his fourth wife. As we were saying, there is someone out there for everyone (sometimes four someones).

LOVE AS A BARGAINING CHIP: Carla Bruni, who appeared ever so briefly to come between Donald Trump and his impending bride, Marla Maples, said the whole business was a Trumped-up affair. "Trump is obviously a lunatic," the Sicilian Sizzler says. "It's so untrue and I'm deeply embarrassed by it." The model said she met the Deal Artist but once "about a year ago at a big charity party in New York. And I haven't seen him since - of that I'm sure." LOVE UP AND WENT: It was mutual, honest, says Kiefer Sutherland in his first words about the cancellation of his almost June wedding to Julia Roberts. Well, he hedges a bit. "If it wasn't on the specific day the wedding was canceled, it was mutual shortly thereafter." Yeah, sometimes it's best not to fight it, Kief.

- Wayne Wurzer

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