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Seen, Heard, Said

Seen, Heard, Said -- People

CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE GERALDO KIND: As a public service, USA Today has indexed every boast of a sexual encounter made by Geraldo Rivera in his book, "Exposing Myself" - an arduous task, since Geraldo devotes 110 pages to his conquests, but, hey, somebody's gotta do it, and who better than "the nation's newspaper"? Anyway, for those keeping score, Bette Midler is on pages 217-218; Chris Evert (448-449); Louise Lasser (245-246); and Mick Jagger and Rudolph Nureyev. . . . Say what? Mick and Rudolph? Yep, pages, 191-192. Geraldo describes the event as a "giddy" encounter in 1972 at a party in a Lower East Side kitchen - something like three guys going through the door at the same time. Or something. Made Geraldo nervous. He writes: "If I were ever going to have a homosexual experience, it would have been that night."

HANDS-ON POLICY: Princess Stephanie was featured in a British tabloid this week cavorting topless with a bodyguard in Portugal. Tittered accompanying text in the Sun: "Stunning Stephanie . . . could hardly keep her hands off the hunky Frenchman as they lay by a hotel pool. . . . (He) was soon fondling the body he was supposed to be guarding."

MONEY TO BURN: Mickey Mantle never made more than $100,000 in a year during his playing days, but the Hall of Famer says he'll pick up $40,000 this weekend alone in Portland for signing 1,400 autographs and stands to make $700,000 this year off the nostalgia craze. "I don't understand this memorabilia stuff," said Mantle. ". . . Some guy paid $220,000 for a Lou Gehrig uniform. Who are these guys? If I had that kind of money, I think I'd do something better with it."

A ROYAL DEAL: Since arriving in Vancouver, B.C., a cousin of Britain's Princess Diana has been arrested, fallen for a former stripper who manages his $12-a-night hostel and decided to sell his title. "My title is up for sale," said Baron Alexander Montagu, 28-year-old son of the Duke of Manchester and 56th in line for the throne. "I'd prefer to give it to someone who'll use it properly." He didn't name a price but expects millions. Sounds like a good expenditure to us.

SOUND ADVICE: On their album "Doubt," rock group Jesus Jones warns of "extreme sounds which could damage musical equipment when played at high volume."

WHO'S COUNTING?: We'll spare you the details of how they went about counting, but Hawk magazine - a downscale Penthouse, if that's possible - crowns the nation's No. 1 male makeout artists. They include Warren Beatty with 864 conquests, Don Johnson (536) and Steve Garvey (271). The mag gives Kiss singer Gene Simmons the world mark with "2,500 and counting." But, watch it fellas, Geraldo is gaining.

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