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Seen, Heard, Said

Seen, Heard, Said -- People

REALLY: Some people spend their whole lives looking for Mister or Miss Right. Some people find them and lose them, sometimes many times. It's all so hard. Diane Keaton, mom in "Father of the Bride," is quitting the game. "Happiness isn't the issue," she says. "I think the best thing would be to forgo looking for happiness and just get on with things, because I don't think it's in the cards. I just don't. I really don't." She really doesn't.

LOOKING FOR HER - AGAIN: John Denver, newly separated from torch-singing wife Cassie, is back on the prowl for a new Miss Right, having been spotted in the Aspen Tatou club. He's got stiff competition, though. Other regulars at the new club include Sen. John Warner, New York billionaire David Koch, and actor/model Justin Huston, grandson of John Huston.

THEIR OWN POCKET: Jason Patric and Julia Roberts are still going strong by all accounts. They showed up for the L.A. premiere of his starring movie, "Rush," recently. They didn't mix much at the party afterward, preferring, instead, to play by themselves - in a roped-off area guarded by security folk.

SHE'S THE ONE: Harry Connick Jr. struck up a conversation poolside at L.A.'s Marquis Hotel a couple years back with Jill Goodacre. He didn't know her name, but he might have recognized her, uh . . . face. She does a lot of modeling work for Victoria's Secret. Anyway, they're getting married - "in a year or two," says Connick. "We get along great." So great, she's now directing his videos. "I've never had a director that I'm this much in love with," adds Connick.

SHE'S THE ONE, II: Congressman Pete Stark, 60, will marry his former intern, Deborah Ann Roderick, 24, Saturday in San Francisco. She says they met when the California Democrat addressed her high school senior class six years ago. He says their romance took flight last spring after he filed for divorce from his wife of two years, Carolyn Wente. He proposed last month under the Capitol dome. She's a Wellesley grad working on a Ph.D.

NOT THE ONE: Looks like that's all she wrote for the young marriage of William Hurt and Heidi Henderson. Friends say they're living in separate house on the same estate. (Some friends - disclosing details like that, but who's complaining.) The couple has been married less than three years. Hey guys, you both might want to check out this great new club in Aspen . . .

- Wayne Wurzer

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