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Ecosystems And Energy -- The Nature Conservancy Hasn't Taken A Position On Nuclear Power

In his March 12 op-ed article in The Times ("Time is ripe to reap the benefits of nuclear energy") Bernard I. Spinrad mistakenly stated that The Nature Conservancy had "come around to support nuclear power." This is incorrect.

The Nature Conservancy is a nonprofit conservation organization focused solely on the preservation of biological diversity: the plants, animals and ecosystems that make up the Earth's intricate web of life. Since 1951, the Conservancy has identified, protected and managed important habitat for rare and endangered species. We now own and manage more than 1,200 preserves in the United States and 26 in Washington.

Because we focus only on what we do best - preserving land, species and ecosystems - the Conservancy has never taken a position in the nuclear debate. - Elliot Marks, Seattle, Vice President and Washington Director, The Nature Conservancy

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