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Estranged Husband Killed In Shooting

TUKWILA - After years of putting up with what she alleges was her husband's crack habit, Debbra Siskar-Clampit says she did everything right.

She kicked him out of their trailer in February, filed divorce papers and got a court order to keep him away from their Tukwila home.

Then, in early March, after he allegedly attacked her, he was arrested. Siskar-Clampit and her grandfather, who lives next door, changed the locks on both their homes.

But last night, Clyde "Jerry" Clampit, 46, allegedly walked up the back porch of the grandfather's house, broke the glass in the door and pushed his way in.

Inside, Debbra's grandfather, Floyd "Papa" Bales, 87, was allegedly waiting with a loaded gun and fatally shot Clampit.

Tukwila police did not take Bales into custody after questioning him. They said today that Clampit was not armed, but declined further comment on the case.

"It was meant to happen. We did everything we could do, and we had no choices left," said Siskar-Clampit, who was at her grandfather's house on 42nd Avenue South when the shooting occurred.

Siskar-Clampit, 37, said problems with her husband's alleged drug habit began many years ago, but that he had never attacked her until she told him she was filing for divorce.

The alleged assault occurred March 8; he was arrested, then released yesterday when a friend posted $500 bail.

"I was tired of supporting him, and I made up my mind I was better than that," she said at a friend's home this morning.

She said Clampit called her four times from jail, in violation of the court's no-contact order.

Siskar-Clampit said she feared for her life when she learned yesterday that her husband had been released from custody.

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