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Sound Check

Chimestone: Melodic Music That Lets You Let Loose

X Who they are

Ted Schuehle: bass and background vocals. Works as a teller at SeaFirst Bank.

Ryan Schuehle: lead guitar and background vocals. Student.

Paul Michaels: drums. Warehouse shipping department.

Jake Gordon: lead vocals and rhythm guitar. "I pretty much just get by. Professional bum."

X How they got together

All went to Newport High School; Ryan and Ted are brothers. Ted and Paul played in The Waiting. After that broke up, Ryan asked Paul to sit in with him and Jake. That was about 14 months ago.

Paul: "At first I was against the idea because I didn't get along with Jake. . . . The first time I ever saw Jake really was when we were playing in our old band and he got up drunk on the microphone and started singing. I stopped playing, I was so pissed off. . . . But we got together and we wrote the first song in about 15 minutes and we just clicked."

X How they describe their music

Ryan: "It's got a lot of layered guitars and melodic voices."

Paul: "Ted and I have played together so long that we've got a really solid bottom end to it. Ryan's guitar is really melodic, and it flows really well because Jake always comes up with really catchy, flowing vocal lines."

Jake: "It's just making people happy and taking them back to a time when you just let loose."

X A typical Chimestone audience

Paul: "It really is diverse. You look out in the crowd and there's frat boys, there's hippies there."

Jake: "Rocker whores . . ."

Paul: ". . . Rocker girls. It's a really weird crowd. I walk out sometimes and it just blows me away."

Ted: "And then you've got our parents there, too. When you get your parents liking your music, too, that's good."

X Their musical goals

Paul: "It would be great just to be on a level where we could come into Seattle and play like the Paramount or the Moore. . . . Enough to quit our day jobs."

Jake: "And considering I don't have one, I don't need much."

X Tapes they'd take on a cross-country road trip

Ted: The Connells, The Church.

Ryan: The Smiths, Joe Satriani.

Paul: The Connells, Beautiful South and maybe a Who tape.

Jake: The Judybats, Widespread Panic.

X Chimestone's worst show

Unison: "Red Roof Pub."

Jake: "I think the puppet show was before us."

Ted: "We had three people there. Tim and two of our other friends. And the sound guy. And the light man.

Jake: "And then the parents of the band after us."

Paul: "And the sound guy kept dozing off."

Jake: "We all laughed afterwards."

X Where to hear them

Chimestone plays at the University Sports Bar tomorrow and the Swan on April 16.

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