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Sgt. Paul Grady -- Resignation Of Seattle Police Officer Recalls Earlier Dilemma

I was reading your May 30 story on the resignation of Sgt. Paul Grady. Very sad. When I came on the police department on May 25, 1966, there were things I did not like.

That was prior to the grand jury on police corruption and I saw a lot of things I did not like. Do not get me wrong, as I am not that pure. I ate my free or half-price lunch from time to time. The district I started out in was very heavy in gambling and prostitution. I was under a great deal of pressure to take bribes and keep my share and pass the rest up the line.

I refused. I really thought I would quit and return to my old job. I sat down one night with my father (a very wise man) and told him of my intentions of leaving the police. The long and the short of it was: if you leave who will fill your shoes? - John Wilton, Seattle

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