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Homicides In Seattle - 1993 -- From A 9-Year Old Girl Riding In Her Mother's Car To A 93-Year-Old Resident Of A Nursing Home, These Are The People Who Met A Violent End In The City.

1. Andre L. Dowell, 24 Died: Jan. 6, Seward Park

Police believe Dowell was shot elsewhere and his body brought to the park. Dowell was a known gang member with a history of theft, rape, burglary and assault. No arrests have been made.

2. Virgil Wenger, 68 Died: Jan. 9, 3209 S. Brandon St.

Wenger was found beaten to death in his home. Shawn E. Cooper, 25, was charged with murder. Robbery may have been a motive.

3. David Young, 43 Died: Feb. 5, 200 Fifth Ave. S.

Police met Young's fellow employees at the Ascona Apartments after they went to check on him because he hadn't been at work for five days. Young had been stabbed. Eric Allen Nielsen, 26, pleaded guilty to the murder Oct. 29.

4. Mitsuko Collins, 51 Died: Feb. 10, 1212 Sixth Ave. S.

Collins was beaten to death and a co-worker was shot and killed by a disgruntled former employee at their beer-and-wine distributorship near the Kingdome. The ex-employee, Eric Allen Willard, 27, jumped into the Lake Washington Ship Canal and drowned. 5. Shigeru Uramatsu, 31 Died: Feb. 10, 1212 Sixth Ave. S.

Uramatsu was shot to death in the incident above.

6. James Nicholson, 40 Died: Feb. 12, 39th Avenue South and South Hudson Street

Nicholson, a merchant seaman, was found shot in the chest. No arrests have been made.

7. Elaine Charlie, 29 Died: Feb. 15, 1112 Pike St.

Charlie was stabbed in a fight at the Nikko Gardens Tavern. David Ivan Osorio, 25, pleaded guilty June 15 to murder and assault.

8. Selah Anderson, 24 Died: March 2, in the 5000 block of Eighth Avenue Northeast

Anderson, a construction worker, died in what's believed to be a drug-related shooting outside the University District home he shared with his mother. The main suspect, Ural Daniels, 27, committed suicide in a stand-off with police on Queen Anne Hill March 10.

9. Margaret Hodsdon, 16 Found: March 4, at Valentine Place South and South State Street

Hodsdon, of Everett, had been missing since Dec. 1, 1991, when she walked away from a shelter where she'd been taken after her arrest on suspicion of prostitution. Her bones were found in a vacant lot. The cause of death is unknown. No arrests have been made. The death is included in 1993 statistics because it's when her body was found.

10. Leslie Lykes, 22 Died: March 6, at 4102 38th Ave. S.

Police went to the address about 10:37 p.m. in response to a report of shots fired. Two women were wounded; Lykes died. No arrests have been made.

11. Alfred Lee Daniels, 38 Died: March 27, 2800 block of South Charles Street

Daniels, of Seattle, was found stabbed early on a Saturday morning. No arrests have been made.

12. Tony Hendricks, 30 Died: March 27, in a Pioneer Square alley

Hendricks, of Kent, was one of two unarmed men shot to death in an argument which apparently started when someone stepped on another's toes at the J&M Cafe, 201 First Ave. S. Daniel Jolliffe, 22, of Bellevue, said he was defending himself but was convicted of second-degree murder.

13. Steven Goddard, 25 Died: March 27, in a Pioneer Square alley

Goddard, of Anchorage, was killed in the incident above.

14. James Credit, 22 Died: March 28, 300 block of First Avenue South

Credit was killed in what's believed to have been a gang-related shooting. A car filled with young men arrived at a nightclub, and shots were fired. Otagus Coverson, 20, pleaded guilty Oct. 19 to manslaughter.

15. Aisa Cameron, 34 Died: April 6, 2600 block of East Cherry Street

Police responded to a report of gunshots about 12:43 a.m. and found Cameron, of Seattle, lying on the sidewalk. Witnesses said a man approached Cameron, asked him if he was interested in buying drugs and then shot him when he refused. No arrests have been made.

16. Fernando Pattugalan, 31 Died: April 10, at 1700 20th Ave. S.

Police went to a report of a stabbing and found Pattugalan, who lived at 3025 20th Ave. S., had been stabbed in the chest. No arrests have been made.

17. John Magee, 28 Died: April 11, at 315 Second Ave. S.

Magee, of Bellevue, was at the Celebrity Italian Kitchen, a Pioneer Square nightclub, when an argument started with a man who had bumped into him. The man followed him outside and shot him. Sean Schaffer, 20, of Seattle, was convicted of second-degree murder.

18. Loetta Coston, 9 Died: April 17 at 39th Avenue South and South Graham Street

Coston was in a car driven by her mother, who was taking a friend home about 2 a.m. When the mother pulled up behind a stopped car and honked because it was blocking traffic, a person in the other car fired a gun. One shot hit Loetta Coston. Vy Vi Ork, 22, of Tacoma, pleaded guilty to the killing. He said he thought gang members were in the other car.

19. Gregory B. Callier, 37 Died: April 22, 2100 block of East Jefferson Street

Callier was shot the day after he had been released from the King County Jail. Several hours after Callier was found dead, an off-duty Seattle police officer recognized a car at an Eastgate motel that witnesses had described. Ricky Marvin Arntsen, 23, was charged April 28.

20. Bertha Nelson, 93 Died: April 23, 747 N. 135th St.

Nelson was one of three women who died in an arson in 1992 at a North End retirement home. The fire originally was thought to be accidental, but was reclassified as arson on this date in 1993. Paul Kenneth Keller, 28, of Lynnwood, a convicted serial arsonist, pleaded guilty to the killings.

21. Marry Dorris, 77 Died: April 23, at 747 N. 135th St.

Dorris was a victim of the same 1992 fire.

22. Adeline Stockness, 70 Died: April 23, 747 N. 135th St.

Stockness was killed in the same 1992 fire.

23. Roger Lawhorne, 25 Died: April 30, at Sixth Avenue and Denny Way

Lawhorne was shot by a Seattle police officer after fleeing from robberies at two Seattle downtown hotels.

24. John Marshall, 22 Died: May 15, 2600 block of East Cherry Street.

Marshall was standing on a porch at an apartment on East Cherry Street when a car drove by and about nine shots were fired. Marshall and another man were hit. The attack was possibly gang-related. No arrests have been made.

25. Darryl Taylor, 24 Died: May 24, 3425 23rd Ave. S.

Taylor was found shot in the abdomen. David Wayne Jones, 23, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

26. Thomas Perkowski, 30 Died: June 5, 14th Avenue East and East Madison Street

Perkowski and another man were seen arguing about 10:30 p.m., then Perkowski turned and ran. The other man stabbed him and fled. No arrests have been made.

27. Nathaniel Vinson, 39 Died: June 10, 900 block, Martin Luther King Way South

Vinson apparently was shot in a robbery over $500 worth of rock cocaine; he'd stolen some cocaine earlier and a revenge robbery was taking place. Two youths were arrested, but charges against one were dropped. Tywan Jovel Hillis, 17, of Seattle, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is to be sentenced Feb. 11.

28. Keith L. Ford, 17 Died: June 17, 24th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Graham Street

Ford, who lived in the High Point housing development in West Seattle, made a deal to sell rock cocaine to two buyers, who then shot him. Samuel Lloyd Hawkins, 20, and John Stacie Turner, 19, have been convicted of the killing. All the youths were described as gang members.

29. Phillip S. Hayes, 26 Died: June 20, on the playing field in 5000 block of University Way Northeast

Hayes had arrived in Seattle from San Francisco in April and was out of work. He was found stabbed after an all-night party. Guy Lee Bash, 19, and Benito M. Vazquez, 18, were charged.

30. Dennis Oslund, 41 Died: June 24, Fourth Avenue South and South Washington Street

Oslund and his wife had gone to a fast-food restaurant near Westlake Center and decided to walk to an apartment they'd rented on South King Street early in the morning. Near Pioneer Square, they were attacked and Oslund was stabbed. Harvey Don Wade, 32, a transient, has been charged.

31. Peter R. Badewitz, 25 Died: June 25, Highway 520 near the Arboretum.

Badewitz, who had a history of mental instability, was shot by a state trooper after Badewitz's van broke down along the roadway and he appeared to be threatening motorists with a weapon.

32. Karl Ekness, 39 Died: July 4, 1000 block of South Trenton Street

Eckness, who was shot in the head, was found slumped over the steering wheel of a car. His death was first thought to be suicide but was reclassified as a homicide. Samuel Alan Baker, 35, pleaded guilty to the drug-related murder on Sept. 17.

33. Thomas Quaife, 52 Died: July 7, 7621 Eighth Ave. S.W.

Quaife first was thought to have been shot by a prowler, but police then found 57 marijuana plants growing in his house. Merlin Warnick, 19, has been charged with the killing, which prosecutors said took place during an attempt to steal the marijuana.

34. Mia Zapata, 27 Died: July 7, 24th Avenue South and South Washington Street

Zapata was a singer with a local rock group, the Gits. Her body was found that morning; an autopsy showed she'd been strangled. No arrests have been made.

35. Paul Nguyen, 16 Died: July 10, 7000 block, Rainier Avenue South

Nguyen, of Bellevue, and friends were standing along the street in South Seattle when a car drove by and shouts were exchanged. The car swung around and shots were fired. Nguyen and another youth were struck. No arrests have been made.

36. Randy Toangutu, 21 Died: July 14, 3600 block, 36th Avenue South

Toangutu was waiting for a bus when a car stopped and a conversation took place. The car left, returned, and shots were fired. Police said the shooting may have been gang-related; Toangutu's family denied he was a gang member. No arrests have been made.

37. Alane Alice Scott, 28 Died: July 19, 518 Prospect St.

Scott was a prostitute who was taken to an apartment on the south side of Queen Anne Hill and killed there. James Fiori, 47, a Seattle postal worker, has pleaded guilty to killing Scott. Fiori said he became enraged when he found her trying to steal his wallet. He then stabbed, choked and shot her and later tried to disguise the crime by decapitating Scott. Her body was found in the 13700 block of Densmore Avenue North.

38. Robert L. Grace, 23 Died: July 24, at Broadway and Yesler Way.

At 5:15 a.m., Grace was standing on the northeast corner of the intersection when a car drove by and shots were fired. Grace died about an hour later. No arrests have been made. Police say the killing may have been drug- or gang-related. Grace's mother, Mary Grace, had been a leader in anti-drug dealing efforts in the Yesler Terrace community.

39. Teryle Hovinga, 26 Died: July 29, Southwest Graham Street and Fauntleroy Way Southwest

Hovinga, who operated a meal delivery service, died during a traffic dispute in which he and another driver, Mark Bowron, 25, taunted each other and followed each other through West Seattle. Each had a handgun. No charges were brought against Bowron, because the shooting took place in self-defense.

40. Bunna Ream, 17 Died: July 30, Fifth Avenue South and South Jackson Street

Ream, a West Seattle High School student, was shot during the Seafair Torchlight Parade in what may have been a gang-related killing. A 17-year-old was charged with murder, but those charges were dropped. No further arrests have been made.

41. Archie Kennedy, 33 Died: Aug. 1, 4100 block of Locust Court South

Kennedy and his older brother got into a fight and Kennedy was stabbed with a kitchen knife. No charges were brought.

42. Narciso Guzman, 57 Died: Aug. 4, 6600 block, 42nd Avenue South

Guzman killed his wife, Maremma, and then committed suicide. Guzman and his wife had endured years of domestic problems, and each spouse had accused the other of making violent threats.

43. Maremma Guzman, 48 Died: Aug. 4, 6600 block, 42nd Avenue South

Guzman, a prominent community leader, was killed by her husband.

44. Lisa Mulholland, 19 Died: Aug. 6, 2100 block, North 61st Street.

Mulholland, a student at the Cornish College for the Arts, apparently returned to a former residence near Green Lake to pick up some possessions. She drowned; her fully clothed body was found in a bathtub. No arrests have been made.

45. Latasha Davis, 14 Died: Aug. 8, 9400 block, Rainier Avenue South

Davis, of Kent, and a friend were leaving another friend's house about 3 a.m. on a Sunday and were going to a bus stop when a person they recognized drove by. Davis and her friend got into the vehicle. The driver had a 9-millimeter pistol, which he pointed into the back of the car. It went off, and Davis was killed. Brian Porter, 19, of Seattle, pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

46. Maun Louie, 18 Died: Aug. 12, 13th Avenue South and South Hudson Street

Louie, who attended Franklin High School, had been at a birthday party with friends. He was a passenger in a parked car about 3 a.m. when another car pulled alongside and shots were fired. Police said the attack may have been a gang-related retaliation for an earlier fire-bombing. Two suspects were charged, but the case was dismissed Dec. 30 after the main prosecution witness disappeared.

47. Aleki Keni, 21 Died: Aug. 13, 3100 block, Southwest Morgan Street

Keni was a University of Washington football player who'd returned to the High Point housing community to try to bring peace to the neighborhood. He was shot as he tried to break up a fight between rival gangs. No arrests have been made.

48. Katerina Lundemo, 32 Died: Aug. 13, 800 block, Northwest 61st Street.

Lundemo was shot by her husband, Patrick, who then killed himself. The family had a history of domestic problems.

49. Patrick Lundemo, 41 Died: Aug. 13, 800 block, Northwest 61st Street.

Lundemo killed his wife and then shot himself.

50. Darryl Roberson, 26. Died: Aug. 16, Rainier Avenue South and South Hudson Street

Roberson had parked his car about 4:30 a.m. when a man leaped out of some bushes, shouted at him and then fired a handgun. Roberson, an auto mechanic from Ballard, was killed. No arrests have been made.

51. Sheryl Hernandez, 27 Died: Aug. 16, 4500 block, Beach Drive Southwest

Hernandez and a friend were sitting on a park bench about 12:15 a.m. when a man approached them, asked what time it was, then drew a handgun and shot them. Hernandez was killed. Ernest Roybal, 28, lost one eye. Aries Faletogo 16, a gang member, has been accused of the killing and is on trial.

52. Connie Munoz, 35 Died: Aug. 29, 5500 block, 16th Avenue South

Munoz died of smoke inhalation in a fire at the home she shared with her husband, Gerardo Munoz. The couple had a long history of domestic disputes. Gerardo Munoz was convicted of first-degree arson.

53. Rykar Johnson, 26 Died: Sept. 3, 21st Avenue East and East Terrace Street

Johnson and a woman had gone to the area to buy drugs when a dealer pulled a handgun and shot them. The suspect, Solomon Estes Dearbone, 22, had said he would "smoke" the next people he met, witnesses said. Dearbone has been charged with two counts of murder.

54. Monica Abat, 26 Died: Sept. 3, 21st Avenue East and East Terrace Street

She was killed in the attack described above.

55. Emerson Swain, 15 Died: Sept. 10, 8600 block, Eighth Avenue Southwest

A sophomore at Chief Sealth High School, Swain was standing outside a friend's house when a car drove up and shots were fired. He was hit in the back of the head. The suspect, Audencio Chavez, 16, is to be tried as an adult. Police said the shooting apparently was gang-related revenge.

56. Bruce Matthews, 23 Died: Sept. 15, 4400 block, South Frontenac Street

Matthews, who had recently moved to Kent, was back in Seattle with a friend when they stopped their car in the street. A small station wagon came up behind their Camaro convertible. Words were exchanged and a shot was fired through the Camaro's windshield, hitting Matthews, who was a passenger. Monzelle McWilliams, 18, has been charged with second-degree murder.

57. Barbara Burns, 69 Died: Sept. 23, 1916 N.E. 105th St.

Relatives found Burns beaten and unconscious Sept. 19; she died four days later. No arrests have been made.

58. Marquez Lamont Delgardo, 19 Died: Sept. 26, 5012 Renton Ave. S.

Involved in an argument at a birthday party, Delgardo got his handgun out of his car and went back inside, but was killed before he could fire. No charges were brought.

59. Dennis Bowerman, 50 Died: Oct. 8, 119 First Ave. S.

Bowerman, a transient, was shot by police when he attacked an officer with a wrench after a bank robbery.

60. Eddie Lee Nevers, 40 Died: Oct. 10, 1321 E. Union St.

Nevers was found after a suspect told his attorney about the killing. Everette D. White, 34, was convicted of slashing Nevers 129 times with a meat cleaver in a drug-related slaying.

61. Pal Gurjant, 33 Died: Oct. 12, 811 Stewart St.

Gurjant, a cabdriver, was shot by another cabdriver at the Greyhound bus depot. Jatinder Ahluwalia, 37, has been charged with the shooting and is believed to be a fugitive in British Columbia.

62. Richard Houston Coburn, 50 Died: Oct. 15, 6436 Rainier Ave. S.

Coburn was kicked in an attack in front of a 7-Eleven store on Sept. 28 and died two weeks later. No arrests have been made.

63. Rooks O. Gehrett, 43 Died: Oct. 16, 3635 Thorndyke Ave. S.

Gehrett was strangled and her body disposed of in Hood Canal near a summer home she owned with her husband, George. Her body was never found. George Gehrett has pleaded guilty in her murder.

64. Dealando Gray, 11 Died: Oct. 24, 2920 S. Van Asselt Court

The child was shot by a friend, 14, who found a .22-caliber handgun hidden in a stereo speaker. The 14-year-old has been charged with manslaughter.

65. Cipriano Garcia, 24 Died: Oct. 27, 800 block of Lake Washington Boulevard

Garcia, a worker for El Centro de la Raza community center, was found in a Madrona Beach parking lot. He had been shot in the head with a .22-caliber bullet. No arrests have been made.

66. Khamyot Phetsada, 23 Died: Nov. 8, 2200 block, 16th Avenue South

A possible gang member, Phetsada had dropped off a friend at a house when five or six Asian males arrived in a white car with California license plates. Eight shots were fired; Phetsada was struck in the head. No arrests have been made.

67. YaCedra Pleasant, 13 Died: Nov. 11, 4201 37th Ave. S.

The teen-ager died in an apparent accident caused by playing with a handgun.

68. Steven Anthony Burgess, 21 Died: Nov. 25, 600 block of North 34th Street

Burgess, who had moved to Seattle from Oregon to study computers, had been with friends at a tavern. When an alarm in their rented car couldn't be turned off, a man living in a nearby trailer approached Burgess with a gun. The man fired one shot into the car's radiator and then shot Burgess. Terry M. Hall has been charged with the killing.

69. Dong Xuam Cao, 41 Died: Nov. 28, 4900 39th Ave. S.

Cao, a commercial printer, had been drinking with friends when an argument took place. One shot was fired from a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol, killing Cao. Dien Ngoc Nguyen, 22, was accused of murder and is to go to trial tomorrow.

70. Manith Phompanya, 19 Died: Dec. 5, 5000 Rainier Ave. S.

Phompanya, a 1992 Auburn High School graduate from Laos, had just left a pool hall when two cars with Asian males inside began following him. Shots were fired, and Phompanya was killed. No arrests have been made.

71. Sunterior Cravens, 15 Died: Dec. 10, 5900 block, 42nd Avenue South

Cravens was pregnant when she was shot on Brighton playfield in South Seattle. No arrests have been made.

72. Jerome A. Melvin, 29 Died: Dec. 31, 3650 Bridge Way N.

Melvin, from Georgia, was a soldier who had been stationed in Hawaii. He had been discharged from the Army at Fort Lewis the day before his death. He was found dead, shot in the head, in a motel room, along with the body of a woman and drug paraphernalia. No arrests have been made.

73. Sharon Jackson Renee Woodard, 30 Died: Dec. 31, 3650 Bridge Way. N.

Woodard, who was found dead in the motel room along with Melvin, also had been shot. She had a history of prostitution.

Published Correction Date: 02/10/94 - Darryl Taylor, Who Died After Being Shot In Seattle May 24, Was 31 Years Old. His Age Was Incorrectly Reported In This Article.

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