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Seattle Journal -- Making It Official

Making it official: This relationship spans the ocean. After months of courtship, educators in Washington and the People's Republic of China have agreed officially to continue a link that began, in part, with student computer messages.

Wang Jaijun, director of the Haidian Teacher Training School in Beijing, and John Anderson, director of Washington's Schools for the 21st Century program, were to announce the agreement this morning.

The Beijing 21st Century Experimental School, to open in September, was based on ideas that Haidian officials culled from visits to Washington schools. The school will test several U.S. reform concepts to see how they might apply to Chinese education.

Anderson also has visited the Haidian District. The two sides will continue to swap ideas about teacher education, restructuring and computer technology via a communications system called I # EARN, or International Education and Resource Network.

I # EARN links students and teachers in 25 countries and was founded by Peter Copen, president of the Copen Family Fund, which helped sponsor Anderson's visits.

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