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GM Tells Rodman He Must Grow Up


SAN ANTONIO - Dennis Rodman, the suspended forward of the San Antonio Spurs, met for about a half-hour yesterday with General Manager Gregg Popovich at the Alamodome, but they didn't resolve their differences.

Popovich said Rodman would remain under indefinite suspension. He said Rodman would not rejoin the team over the weekend unless there were drastic changes in the situation.

Neither Popovich nor Rodman would elaborate on what the differences are.

"It'll come out sooner or later," Rodman said. "I want to resolve it, I'm not trying to prove anything. I'm not asking them to give in or do anything."

Rodman said he wants to play.

"It's no big deal, I'd like to play, give people what they want on the floor," he said.

"Popovich told me I have to grow up. I don't think that was a fair statement. I guess I have to go back to kindergarten and learn my ABC's," Rodman said. "But that doesn't prove who is a child and who is a man.

"But I really don't have anything against Popovich or coach (Bob) Hill. And this has nothing to do with the players. They're fantastic."

Rodman said he hasn't asked for a trade, and that he wants to solve the problem.

"We haven't decided on anything other than that he remains on the suspended list," Popovich said. "We're not going to go over what was said at the meeting. That's it."

Rodman's agent, Bill Pollack, indicated the impasse is major.

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