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Puget Sound Newswatch

Magnolia Reservoir Now Has A Cover

SEATTLE - "Residents in Magnolia can now walk on water . . . literally," says the Seattle Water Department.

The new Magnolia Manor Reservoir has been lidded and is part of a two-acre park completed this month at 27th Avenue West and West Bertona Street.

The 5.5-million-gallon reservoir replaces an above-ground reservoir built in the late 1940s.

The $4 million reservoir and park, whose design was worked out in negotiations between neighbors, the Magnolia Community Club and the city, includes landscaping that needs little watering, open areas and a path leading to views of the University of Washington campus and the Cascades.

Seattle's water department says that covered reservoirs require less chlorine, improving overall water quality in a storage tank. The project included construction of a new sodium hypochlorite disinfection facility, eliminating the need to store chlorine gas at the site.

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