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Letters To The Editor

Gun Show Ban -- Sounds Like It's Time To Replace Seattle City Council Members

On June 5, without any prior notification or opportunity for public response, the Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution declaring that gun shows will heretofore be banned from Seattle Center. The reasons given are that gun shows send the wrong message to children and run contrary to the city's goal of reducing violence.

Where is the evidence that gun shows are an imminent threat to the public safety? The last show was well-attended by many families and the Seattle Police Department reported no arrests or citations for the entire two-day event. Yet for the May 24 to 26 Grateful Dead concerts, the Seattle Police Department acknowledged 166 citations and arrests, including liquor consumption and illegal liquor sales to minors, narcotics possession, marijuana possession, illegal inhalants, property damage, trespass, resisting arrest and assault.

Are we to believe that rock concerts meet with the city council's approval but gun shows are inherently evil and therefore unsuitable family entertainment? Give me a break. The buying, selling, trading and display of firearms is entirely legal and owning a firearm is one of your constitutional rights.

The issue here is whether the city council has the authority to deny the use of public space and prohibit displays, exhibitions and sales of firearms, cars, coins or any other legal item. A staff member at the mayor's office said there was probably no way this ban will be rescinded since it was unanimously approved and it's highly unlikely that the council would reverse its decision.

Sounds to me like it's time to replace the council, before they decide to ban elections. Douglas Pedersen Auburn

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