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Neighborhood Stops

Web Sites Offer Different Positions On The Commons

Haven't made up your mind on where you stand on the Seattle Commons? If you want to read what each side has to say, a local company has "linked" its World Wide Web site to Web sites that stake out a position.

Reader Brad Patrick pointed out this site, and it includes a link to the University of Washington's Human Interface Technology Lab, which has put up some computer-generated images of what the Commons is supposed to look like.

The site, sponsored by Seanet, a company that sells access to the Internet, also links to the "Staydium Home Page," which supports a yes vote on the stadium issue.

Should Seanet be hard to reach, another Web explorer, Douglas Tooley, noted that two of the Commons sites also can be accessed via the Community Resources area of the Seattle Community Network's Web site.

More campaign evidence. Another sign that it's campaign season: Three candidates notified us this last week that they're waiting to be reached online:

-- Redmond mayor's seat: Nancy McCormick, a city council member, has set up a campaign Web site at: (no hyphen)

And her e-mail is:

-- Seattle School District: Steve Hall's running for a director's position and has asked to have his e-mail address placed in the voter pamphlet. He can be reached at:

-- Gig Harbor's Peninsula School Board: W. Jay Grinols says he's already contacted 570 people over the Net and can be reached at:

Super site for Sonics. Jason Gurney has put together a nicely organized and deep Web site about the Seattle SuperSonics. It's an unofficial site, but has lots of stats, photos and even audio files. (no hyphen)

Bumbershoot schedule. The annual arts extravaganza held this weekend has a Web site where you can search for events by times, dates and artist names. There's also background on Bumbershoot's Jimi Hendrix Festival. (no hyphen)

Teen tastes. Recent mention of an out-of-state 16-year-old's Web site prompted local 15-year-old Joe Goldberg to send e-mail advertising his home-grown site. As Joe himself says, it's not full of bells and whistles but it does provide a glimpse of a local teen's tastes. (no hyphen)

Erratum. An incorrect Web address for a report on the Randy Weaver standoff was given last week. The correct address is: (no hyphen)

If you've found interesting spots on the Internet or elsewhere in the electronic world, tell us about them via e-mail at:

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