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Letters To The Editor

Pat Buchanan -- Isolationist Economic Policies

President Buchanan? Give me a break! Obviously the bigots, racists and homophobes of the far right are crawling out of their dens of ignorance long enough to share their limited, narrow and hate-filled view of the world with the rest of us.

Though they obviously enjoy wallowing in their cesspools of hate and intolerance, the rational majority have yet to vote.

Setting aside dear Pat's ethnic and social cleansing dreams, take a moment and really think about his economic policies. This is a character who wants to isolate the American economy! Why? So we can be just like North Korea and Albania? Now that's a goal we should all shoot for.

Do you think for one moment that when he tacks on stiff tariffs to foreign goods that those nations will not retaliate? Will Japan still buy Boeing jets when we won't let their cars and VCRs into our markets? Dream on. Boeing cannot survive without foreign aircraft sales. Get used to it.

Washington state would be devastated if he gets close to the Oval Office. A large portion of our port activities will cease, and along with it, good-paying jobs. Tens of thousands of jobs in this state and across the country will be lost, perhaps for good.

Another point to consider is the reaction of Wall Street if the prince of darkness even has a remote chance of gaining access to the Oval Office. Profit projections would plummet, along with it, the value of the stocks. Millions of ordinary working folks have their retirement accounts invested in mutual funds and other investment vehicles. These folks will lose their financial shirts and because of age will never recover. Boy, this guy is really looking out for the little guy, isn't he?

Now on to the construction phase. Pat "Rush" Buchanan wants to build a wall along the Mexican and Canadian borders, literally. For what? To keep out illegal immigrants that are taking away cherished American jobs like farm labor and cleaning toilets? I can just see laid-off manufacturing folks flocking to the Arizona and California lettuce fields to toil 12 hours for $10 a day. Get real.

Every single one of us benefits financially from illegal immigration. The financial benefits of their cheap labor far outweigh the social costs of their presence. If we did not look the other way toward illegal farm workers, the cost of our fruits and vegetables would easily be four times what we pay.

I urge everyone to start thinking about these subjects, rather than buy into the garbage this man spews. Alan Cook Federal Way

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