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Sound Check

The Model Rockets Are Ready On The Launch Pad

Seattle Times Staff Reporter

Who are the Model Rockets?

John Ramberg, lead vocals and guitar

Scott Sutherland, lead vocals and guitar

Boyd Remillard, bass

Graham Black, drums

If you're into Seattle's club scene, chances are you've probably already heard of the Model Rockets. But for those of you who don't frequent this offbeat and oftentimes inches-from-the-mainstream genre, you're missing their takeoff.

The Seattle-based band describes its sound as power pop with a root music flavor. Their musical influences include the Beatles, the Byrds, Cheap Trick and 1960s soul music.

The Model Rockets were formed in 1993 by John Ramberg and his next-door neighbor, Grant Johnson. The foursome was completed through the addition of bass player Boyd Remilard and drummer Graham Black. But soon after the release of the band's first CD, "Hilux," in November 1994, Johnson had to leave the group because of its overseas tour schedule. Guitarist Scott Sutherland came aboard and the Model Rockets set sail for Spain in January 1995.

The group's philosophy is simple: They don't take themselves too seriously, but work hard on the quality of the songs. The majority of the songs are collaborations between Ramberg and Sutherland.

The Model Rockets - who still work full-time jobs to support themselves - haven't had the luxury of masses of studio time or radio airplay. Instead, the group, which "just jells despite resistance," continues to plug away at the music they love while snatching lyrics from the sky.

The group's second CD, "Snatch It Back and Hold It," will be released later this month by CZ Records.

The Model Rockets begin a West Coast tour with the group Chixdiggit next month.

Where to check out the Model Rockets:

At a $6 show 11 p.m. Saturday at the Crocodile Cafe.

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