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Visual Arts

Seattle Times Art Critic

With two of the city's art museums, The Henry Art Gallery and The Frye Museum, still closed for expansion, and the Seattle Art Museum and the Tacoma Art Museum devoting at least part of the season to exhibitions from their permanent collections, art lovers will have to look beyond the area's museums if they want to stay busy this fall.

SAM's Guy Anderson retrospective, open since late August, and the upcoming show of design and decorative arts from the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami are the most promising museum exhibitions in greater Seattle and Tacoma.

For something a little more adventuresome, a trip to Western Washington University in Bellingham may be in order. For eight weeks starting in late September, the university's art gallery will exhibit a major traveling show of the work of Seattle-born painter Roger Shimomura, known for his provocative, ironic and often pointed paintings on Japanese-American culture. In recent years, Shimomura also has started writing performance pieces, excerpts of which will be performed during a special evening event on Nov. 9.

And those who don't mind traveling to the far corners of the Northwest for art should consider a jaunt to Boise, where the Boise Art Museum has organized a retrospective for the much-admired Seattle painter Fay Jones. The show, scheduled to be shown at SAM next year, will be in Boise from Aug. 31 to Oct. 27.

Fall is usually an invigorating season at galleries, however. And the lineup at many of the area's galleries is enticing. Gloria DeArcangelis, the Seattle artist who paints like a Dutch Master with a 20th-century point of view, has a show at Meyerson & Nowinski in October. Darren Waterston, whose luscious oil paintings look like nature under a magnifying glass, shows at Greg Kucera Gallery in October. In November, Woodside/Braseth Gallery shows new paintings by Joseph Goldberg, the Eastern Washington painter whose subtle abstracts have earned him a strong and much-deserved following. ----------------------------------------------------------------- CALENDAR


"Chinese Yixing Teapots," through Sept. 21; Honeychurch Galleries. "1996 Studio Tour," through Sept. 21; ArtsWest Gallery. "The Figurists," through Sept. 27; Metropolis Contemporary Art Gallery. Lynn Thompson Hamrick, constructions, through Sept. 28; Handforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library. Edward S. Curtis, "Portraits from the Northern American Indian," through Sept. 28; Flury & Company. Joyce Tenneson, photography, through Sept. 28; Photographic Center Gallery. Richard Craig Meitner, "Back," through Sept. 28; Elliott Brown Gallery. Aletha Deuel and Judy Bixenman, watercolors, through Sept. 28; Seahurst Gallery. Larry Bemm, new paintings, and Heidi Fiechter, photography, through Sept. 29; Linda Cannon Gallery. Layne Kleinart, abstracted images, through Sept. 29; Painted Table. David Schwarz, glass, and Karen Guzak, paintings, through Sept. 29; Foster/White Gallery. Karen Ganz, works on paper and handmade books, through Sept. 29; Francine Seders Gallery. Dennis Hollingsworth, new paintings, through Sept. 29; Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery. Jano Argue, recent work, and Mel Curtis, photographs, through Sept. 29; Lisa Harris Gallery. "Fahrenheit `96: Harold Balazs Retrospective" and "Colors of the Northwest," through Sept. 29; Washington State Convention Center. Rodolfo Morales, paintings, through Sept. 29; Galeria Coqui. Mark Calderon, sculpture, through Sept. 29; Greg Kucera Gallery. "Reflections of Lynnwood," photography, through Sept. 30; Lynnwood Library Gallery. Tendayi Njagu, "Keeping Culture: Paintings and Stone Sculptures," through Sept. 30; Mwoyo Arts. Helen Mitchell, recent paintings, through Sept. 30; Art Stall Gallery. Sosaku Hanga, woodblock prints, through Sept. 30; Carolyn Staley Fine Prints. "Juried Photo Contest," through Sept. 30; Benham Studio Gallery. T.C. & Lin Robertson, electroformed vessels, through Sept. 30; Glasshouse Gallery. Fumiko Kimura, sumi paintings, Sept. 30; Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery. "Tugs and Ferries," through Sept. 30; Kirsten Gallery. Robert Bateman, naturalist, through Sept. 30; Howard/Mandville Gallery, Edmonds. "Glass Beads: Gathered, Sliced, Polished & Stitched," through Sept. 30; Mesolini & Amici Glass Gallery. Stephanie Frostad, paintings, through Sept. 30; Davidson Galleries. Guy Anderson, "90th Birthday exhibition," through Oct. 1; Woodside/Braseth Gallery. Rie Munoz, prints, through Oct. 1; Stillwater Gallery. Carolyn Morris Bach, jewelry, through Oct. 2; Ragazzi's Flying Shuttle. "Art for the Beginning Collector," through Oct. 2; Martin-Zambito Fine Art. Bill Kalinowski, photography, through Oct. 3; Art Not Terminal. Elisabeth Haight, prints, through Oct. 4; Art Center Gallery. Z.Z. Wel, "Northwest Journey," through Oct. 6; Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland. Mike Smith, paintings, and Katherine McLean, ceramics, through Oct. 6; Foster/White Gallery in Kirkland. Marsha Burns, new color work, and Scott Aho, new work, through Oct. 19; G. Gibson Gallery. "Imogen Cunningham: Cornish 1935," through Oct. 28; Fisher Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts. Garrett Boge, rubbings, through Nov. 2; Pictures Perfect Gallery. "The Geometric Tradition in America," through Nov. 3; Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery. David Kroll, paintings, through Nov. 3; Grover/Thurston Gallery. Mati Walters, oil paintings, through Nov. 15; Cunningham Gallery, University of Washington. "Timber!," through Nov. 30; Jefferson County Historical Society, Port Townsend. "Native American Art of the Northwest Coast," through Dec. 15; Jackson Street Gallery. Phillip Levine, sculpture, through Dec. 31; Kirkland Library. "Steven Berardelli and Liz Birkholz: Objects of Photography," through March 2; Seattle Art Museum. "Guy Anderson: Northwest Master," through March 2; Seattle Art Museum. "The Spiral Path: The Art of Contemporary Northwest Coast Basketry and Weaving," through July 14; Seattle Art Museum. Kent Bailey, photographs, today through Oct. 22; Nordic Heritage Museum. "An Introduction to Aboriginal Art - Australian Dreams and Dramas," today through Oct. 25; Jeffrey Moose Gallery. "Nordic Landscapes," today through Nov. 15; Nordic Heritage Museum. Joe Reno, UFO inspired art, tomorrow-Sept. 30; Arthead Gallery. Haku Maki, woodblock and mixed media prints, tomorrow-Oct. 5; Azuma Gallery. "Northwest Pastel Society Show," Sunday through Oct. 12; Issaquah Gallery. "Korean Artists Association of Washington State," Monday-Nov. 8; Seafirst Gallery. "They Shoot Painters, Don't They?," a 24-hour painting marathon, Sept. 20 and 21; Center on Contemporary Art. Scott Nighbor, ceramic bowls and chargers, Sept. 24-Oct. 19; ArtsWest Gallery. Ron Pippin, mixed-media sculpture, Sept. 27-Oct. 26; Friesen Gallery. "Tacoma Art Museum Collects," Sept. 28-Dec. 31; Tacoma Art Museum. Claudia McKinstry, compositions, Sept. 29-Dec. 3; Painted Table. Irene Otis, tiles, Sept. 30-Dec. 27; Cunningham Gallery, University of Washington.


"Gallery Members' Show," Oct. 1-26; Seahurst Gallery. Reta Shipek, oils, and Robert Stensland and Alan Brobeck, carved wood, Oct. 1-28; Lynnwood Library Gallery. Mark Tobey, selected works, and William Slater, paintings, Oct. 1-31; Woodside/Braseth Gallery. "Masks of Glass and Paper & Box Constructions in Water Color," Oct. 1-31; Mesolini & Amici Glass Gallery. Rosalyn Gale Powell, paintings, Oct. 1-31; Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery. Nancy Bogni, recent paintings, Oct. 1-31; Art Stall Gallery. Christian Michel, paintings, and Jamie Evrard, works on paper, Oct. 1-31; Davidson Galleries. "Aquisitions from Japan, China and the Philippines, Oct. 1-Nov. 22, Honeychurch Galleries. David C. Kane and Mark Takamichi Miller, new paintings, Oct. 2-27; Linda Cannon Gallery. Gregg Robinson, paintings, Oct. 3-17; Kimzey Miller Gallery. Denis Kempe, "Quiet," and Marita Holdaway, "Images from the Fourth World Conference on Women," Oct. 3-31; Benham Studio Gallery. Janis Miltenberger, recent work, Oct. 3-31; Glasshouse Gallery. Judith La Scola, glass sculpture, and Mark Rediske, paintings, Oct. 3-Nov. 2; Foster/White Gallery. "Self-Help Graphics of East Los Angeles," group show, Oct. 3-Nov. 3; Galeria Coqui. Darren Waterston, paintings, and Morris Graves, drawings, Oct. 3-Nov. 3; Greg Kucera Gallery. Gloria DeArcangelis, new paintings, Oct. 3-Nov. 3; Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery. Thomas Wood, new work, Oct. 3-Nov. 3, Lisa Harris Gallery. "Recent Works of Younger Painters," Oct. 3-Nov. 6; Martin-Zambito Fine Art. Edward S. Curtis, "The Native American Woman as Artist," Oct. 3-Nov. 30; Flury & Company. "Maui's Turing Back the Sky: Contemporary Hawaiian Art," Oct. 3-Jan. 26; Burke Museum. "First Friday Art Walk," Oct. 4; Langley, Whidbey Island. James Deitz, oils on canvas, Oct. 4-27; Francine Seders Gallery. "Pratt Instructors' Exhibit," Oct. 4-30; Pratt Fine Arts Center. Clare Leighton, wood engravings, Oct. 4-Nov. 16; Carolyn Staley Fine Prints. "The Emerging Spirit of Colored Pencil" and "Drawing from the Well," Oct. 4-Dec. 29; Washington State Convention Center. "Dragons, Dragons, Dragons," Oct. 5-27; Kirsten Gallery. "Seattle Figuration," Oct. 5-31; Arthead Gallery. Aki Sogabe, kirie paper cutting, Oct. 5-Nov. 5; Stillwater Gallery. Anne Sherwood, paintings, Oct. 5-Nov. 7; Art Not Terminal. Flo Perkins, recent work, Oct. 5-Nov. 9; Elliott Brown Gallery. "New Traditions," group show by Zimbabwe artists, Oct. 5-Nov. 30; Mwoyo Arts. "Four Artists Painting and Sculpture Show," Oct. 6-31; Gallery Mack. Gail Simpson, installation, Oct. 7-25; Art Center Gallery. "Days of the Dead," Oct. 7-Nov. 2; Folk Art Gallery. "Pressworks," printmaking group show, Oct. 10-16; Daniel Smith, 4150 First Ave. S. Michael Ferguson and Walker Moore, paintings, Oct. 10-31; Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland. Nancy Johnson, paintings, Oct. 10-Nov. 10; Foster/White Gallery in Kirkland. Colin Righton, paintings, Oct. 10-Nov. 10; Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland. "Olympic College Alumni Exhibit, Oct. 11-Nov. 10; Amy Burnett Gallery, Bremerton. "Nirvana: Capitalism and the Consumed Image," Oct. 11-Dec. 6; Center on Contemporary Art. "Celebrate! Celebrate Color!," Oct. 16-30; Facere Jewelry Art. "Undiscovered and Discovered Potters' Sale," Oct. 17-19, Happy Valley Grange, Redmond. Roger Ralston, boat motif bronzes, and Elisa Nappa, cast glass, Oct. 22-Nov. 16; ArtsWest Gallery. "Waterworks '96," group watercolor show, Oct. 22-Dec. 3; Tolles Gallery, Mercer Island. Pilchuck Glass School presents "The Art of Glass at the Bon Marche," Oct. 23; Downtown Bon Marche. Olivia Parker, new work, and Jo Ann Verburg, new work, Oct. 24-Nov. 30; G. Gibson Gallery. "Design 1885-1945: The Arts of Reform and Persuasion," Oct. 24-Jan. 12; Seattle Art Museum. Karen Larson Watts, paintings, Oct. 28-Nov. 15; Art Center Gallery. "Best Book I Ever Read Posters," winners of third grade poster contest, Oct. 29-Dec. 2; Lynnwood Library Gallery. "1996 Holiday Show," Oct. 29-Jan. 1; Seahurst Gallery. "Queer Asian Oral History Exhibition," Oct. 31-Nov. 15; Cunningham Gallery, University of Washington.


"Fall Student Exhibition," Nov. 1-15; Behnke Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts. Bradd Skubinna, large-scale works, Nov. 1-24; Francine Seders Gallery. Dan Mullins, panoramas, Nov. 1-28; Photographic Center Gallery. "Design Department Group Show," Nov. 1-29, Fisher Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts. "Artist's Studio Tour Exhibit," Nov. 1-30; Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery. "The Art of Rowing," Nov. 1-30; Mesolini & Amici Glass Gallery. Marty Monnahan, recent work, Nov. 1-30; Art Stall Gallery. Marion Peck, paintings, and Lockwood Dennis, recent prints, Nov. 1-30; Davidson Galleries. Andrew Keating and Joseph Park, new paintings, Nov. 1-Dec. 1; Linda Cannon Gallery. "Rick Stafford and Friends," Nov. 1-Dec. 31; Jeffrey Moose Gallery. "Holiday Show," Nov. 2-Dec 25; Arthead Gallery. Byron Bridsall, watercolors, Nov. 3-Dec. 24; Kirsten Gallery. Sharron Bliss, recent work, Nov. 4-Jan. 15; Pictures Perfect Gallery. Anne Belov, paintings, Nov. 7-21; Kimzey Miller Gallery. Frank Dituri, "Non Este," Nov. 7-30; Benham Studio Gallery. Dan Mittendorf, "Post Cambrian Lighting," Nov. 7-30; Glasshouse Gallery. Alfredo Arreguin, recent work, Nov. 7-Dec. 1; Galeria Coqui. Randy Hayes, new paintings, Nov. 7-Dec. 1; Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery. Joel Burns, sculpture, and Galen Garwood, paintings, Nov. 7-Dec. 1; Foster/White Gallery. Mary Josephson, paintings, Nov. 7-Dec. 1; Grover/Thurston Gallery. Weldon Butler, new drawings, Nov. 7-Dec. 1, Lisa Harris Gallery. "W.P.A.: Art for the People," Nov. 7-Dec. 4; Martin-Zambito Fine Art. "Civil Progress: Images of Black Paintings," Nov. 7-Dec. 24; Greg Kucera Gallery. "John Storrs and American Modernism," Nov. 7-Jan. 19; Meyerson & Nowinski Gallery. "First Friday Art Walk," Nov. 8; Langley, Whidbey Island. "CANstruction Competition," Nov. 9-30; Washington State Convention Center. Toko Shinoda, calligraphy, Nov. 9-30; Azuma Gallery. Charles Parrish, sculpture, Nov. 9-Dec. 5; Art Not Terminal. Dan Gergsma, blown glass, and Danny Mayes, watercolors, Nov. 9-Dec. 24; Stillwater Gallery. "Undiscovered and Discovered Potters' Sale," Nov. 14-16, Bethany Presbyterian Church Hall, 1818 Queen Anne Ave. N. Lu Hong, paintings, Nov. 14-30; Nelson/Rovzar Gallery, Kirkland. Manfred Lindenberger, paintings, and Marvin Tipp, photographs, Nov. 14-Dec. 8; Foster/White Gallery in Kirkland. Joseph Goldberg, new works, Nov. 14-Jan. 1; Woodside/Braseth Gallery. "Northwest Invitational Miniature Show," Nov. 16-30; Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland. Johanna Nitke Marquis, recent work, Nov. 16-Dec. 21; Elliott Brown Gallery. Maria Frank Abrams, paintings, Nov. 18-Dec. 6; Art Center Gallery. "Fine Japanese Prints," Nov. 19-Dec. 31; Carolyn Staley Fine Prints. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Best bets:

"Roger Shimomura: Delayed Reactions," at Western Gallery, Western Washington University, Bellingham, from Sept. 30 to Nov. 27. Organized by the Spencer Museum of Art at the University of Kansas, where Shimomura has taught for several decades, the show is a partial retrospective of the artists' prolific and acclaimed career. A Seattle native who grew up in the International District and was influenced early by such Asian-American artists as Paul Horiuchi and George Tsutakawa, Shimomura has developed a unique visual vocabulary that draws from American pop art and traditional Japanese prints.

Of special interest will be a Nov. 9 evening event in which Shimomura will lecture on his performance art and put on excerpts of pieces. Like his visual art, his performance art deals with the clash between Japanese and American cultures, and their effects on Japanese Americans. Information: (360) 650-3963.

"Guy Anderson: Northwest Master," at the Seattle Art Museum, through March 2. Organized by Vicki Halper, SAM's associate curator of modern art, this retrospective celebrates Anderson's 90th year, and offers a look at the work of one of the Northwest's most enduring and gifted artists. Concerned throughout his career with mythical themes, humankind's place in the universe and Native American imagery, Anderson has lived quietly most of his life in La Conner, where he still makes his home. Information: 654-3100.

"Design 1885-1945: The Arts of Reform and Persuasion," at SAM, Oct. 24 to Jan. 12, 1997. This traveling show is from the Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach, a private institution dedicated to the research and display of the decorative arts, design and architecture. The 280 objects to be exhibited at SAM include paintings, sculptures, furniture, ceramics, metalwork and posters spanning from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early years of this century through the Bauhaus movement and Italian Futurism of the '20s and '30s. Information: 654-3100 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Rising star

As SAM's new deputy director and curator of modern art, Trevor Fairbrother has one of the most influential tasks in the Seattle art community. He arrived in town late this summer and one of his first jobs has been to curate the show of modern works from SAM's collection that opened yesterday. Like doing stretching exercises before starting a marathon, new curators often warm up by rehanging the permanent collection they oversee. This puts their mark on the collection and signals their taste.

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