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Now Toilet Seat Can Match Wallpaper

The Orange County Register

How do you help your toilet have a little more personality?

Easy, say the folks at Bemis Manufacturing in Wisconsin. Just use one of their Mayfair Fashion-ables white toilet seat covers and use your own matching wallpaper or fabric to liven it up.

A special layer of foam padding on top of the lid provides a base for your decoration. Just cut your decorative piece to fit, press it onto the foam base, insert a strip of vinyl into the groove surrounding it and you're done. Other than a scissors, you don't need other tools.

The Mayfair toilet seat and lid go for $19.99 and can be found at home centers and retail outlets.

New biscuit joiner

Question: When is a biscuit great to use but not to eat? Answer: When it's a biscuit made with Ryobi's new detail biscuit joiner. OK, so it's a hokey intro into a new product. But the new Ryobi biscuit joiner is worth your attention.

Why? Because it's the first biscuit joiner that can produce biscuits as small as five-eighths of an inch.

Biscuits are an old method of fastening. They're like small, thin cookies. You place one part in one side of a frame, the other end in the other side. Besides glue, they act as a fastening agent.

The joiner is powered by a 3.5-amp motor and has a 10-foot cord. Its suggested retail price is $69.

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