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Journalists Win Spj Awards

Winners in the category for newspapers with a circulation of over 50,000:

SPOT NEWS - 1, Staff, The Oregonian (Portland), "Flood of '96"; 2, Staff, The Oregonian, "Aloha Fire"; 3, Staff, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Moses Lake Shooting"; honorable mention, Staff, The Oregonian, "KOIN-TV Hostage Crisis."

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE - 1, Julie Sullivan, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Romania Package"; 2, Staff, Seattle Times, "Focus on Education"; 3, Michelle Cole, Tim Woodward, Idaho Statesman (Boise), "Nobody Could Walk By"; honorable mention, Tom Hallman Jr., The Oregonian, "Mount Hood's Deadly Deceit"; Imbert Matthee, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "China-Hong Kong," Staff, The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.); "Flood Coverage, 1996."

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING - 1, Byron Acohido, Seattle Times, "Safety at Issue: the 737"; 2, Spencer Heinz, Nancy Mayer, Andrew Schneider, The Oregonian, "Our Children's Keepers"; 3, Richard Wagoner, Bill Morlin, Kim Barker, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Anti-Government Package"; honorable mention, Alan Gustafson, Statesman Journal (Salem, Ore.) "Mushroom Plant"; Jim Hopkins, Idaho Statesman, "The Boy Next Door."

CRIMINAL JUSTICE - 1, Jim Hopkins, Idaho Statesman, "Bad Company"; 2, Alan Gustafson, Statesman Journal, "Prison Siting"; 3, Janelle Hartman, The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.), "She Follows Trouble"; honorable mention, Jeff Barnard, The Associated Press, Grants Pass, Ore., "Small-Town Violence"; Ferdinand de Leon, Tina Kelley, Susan Byrnes, Seattle Times, "Teen Killings on the Rise"; Phil Manzano, The Oregonian, "Ostrander Surrenders."

GOVERNMENT REPORTING - 1, Eric Nalder, Deborah Nelson, Alex Tizon, Seattle Times, "Tribal Housing"; 2, Duff Wilson, Seattle Times, "Kids Dying Under State Watch"; 3, Staff, The Oregonian, "Wes Cooley's Fall," honorable mention, Deborah Nelson, Eric Nalder, Seattle Times, "Housing Authority"; J. Todd Foster, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Fired State Inspector"; David Postman, Seattle Times, "Sins of Silence."

CONSUMER REPORTING - 1, Deborah Nelson, Seattle Times, "Unappetizing Record"; 2, Staff, Seattle Times, "P.C. Primer"; 3, Staff, Seattle Times, "Managing Your Money"; honorable mention, Doug O'Harra, Anchorage Daily News, "The Beast at Beluga"; Barbara Serrano, Seattle Times, "Lawyer Discipline"; Donna Freedman, Anchorage Daily News, "Lost in the Wood."

HEALTH REPORTING - 1, Alan Gustafson, Statesman-Journal, "The Rush to Ritalin"; 2, Bill Dietrich, Warren King, Seattle Times, "Target: Prostate Cancer"; 3, Doug O'Harra, Anchorage Daily News, "Dogs That Bite"; honorable mention, Caroline Ullmann, Tacoma News Tribune, "Trauma Crisis"; Tom Paulson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Burn Package."

SCIENCE REPORTING - 1, Lynda Mapes, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "River of No Return"; 2, Sandi McDaniel, Anchorage Daily News, "The Big Sleep"; 3, Richard Hill, The Oregonian, "Search for First Americans"; honorable mention, Sandy McDaniel, Anchorage Daily News, "Hunting Prehistory."

ENVIRONMENTAL - 1, Peter Sleeth, The Oregonian, "Assault on Mount Hood"; 2, Brian Meehan, The Oregonian, "Pollution Within"; 3 (tie) Eric Pryne, Bill Dietrich, Seattle Times, "Hatcheries Catching Heat"; Hal Spencer, The Associated Press (Olympia, Wash.), "Ecology Department Turns Kinder"; honorable mention, Hal Bernton, The Oregonian, "Showdown in Ketchikan"; Robert Taylor, Tom Paulson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Dairies Spread Danger"; John Henrikson, Staff, Statesman Journal, "Paradise Lost?"

SOCIAL ISSUES - 1, Alex Tizon, Seattle Times, "Death of a Dreamer"; 2, Steven Goldsmith, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Children of the Shadows"; 3, Alex Tizon, Seattle Times, "Against the Tide"; honorable mention, Tom Hallman Jr., The Oregonian, "Children of a Lesser Hope"; David Foster, The Associated Press (Olympia, Wash.), "Blackfeet Mustangs"; Diane Dietz, Statesman Journal, "Children of Hope."

EDUCATION - 1, Staff, The Oregonian, "Schoool Budget Crisis"; 2, Carla Johnson, Marny Lombard, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Teachers Challenge"; 3, Linda Shaw, Bill Ristow, Tom Boyer, Seattle Times, "Guide to High Schools"; honorable mention, staff, The Oregonian, "Classroom Crunch"; Linda W.Y. Parrish, Seattle Times, "State-of-the-Art School Design"; Marsha King, Seattle Times, "College Admissions Game."

PERSONALITIES - 1, Paul Neville, The Register-Guard, "A Casualty of War"; 2, Rachel Zimmerman, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Ellen Craswell"; 3, Bob Keefer, The Register-Guard, "Madre Maxine"; honorable mention, Spencer Heinz, The Oregonian, "Simon's Story"; Randi Bjornstad, The Register-Guard, "They All Call Her Grandma"; Jim Simon, Seattle Times, "Dan Savage."

FOOD, FASHION AND HOME - 1, Paula Bock, Seattle Times, "Chef du Jour"; 2, Donna Healy, Billings (Mont.) Gazette, "Teen Cuisine"; 3, Barbara Durbin, The Oregonian, "An Olive Lovers Guide"; honorable mention, Bill Monroe, The Oregonian, "Food to Feast."

LIFESTYLES - 1, Staff, Seattle Times, "For Better, For Worse"; 2, Julie Titone, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Highway 95"; 3, Brian Willoughby, The Columbian, "Life at 12"; honorable mention, Paula Bock, Seattle Times, "Piecing a Life Together."

SHORT FEATURES - 1, Anthony Albert, Tacoma News Tribune, "Connie Recovers"; 2, Brett Oppegaard, The Columbian, "A Fowl for a Friend"; 3, Julie Sullivan, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Shadow Child"; honorable mention, Courtenay Thompson, The Oregonian, "Loss of Wife"; Donna Freedman, Anchorage Daily News, "Like Everyone Else"; Kate Reardon, Everett Herald, "Bird Man of Darrington."

ARTS COVERAGE - 1, Tom Bell, Anchorage Daily News, "Homecoming Dance"; 2, Bob Hicks, The Oregonian, "Play It Again, Hammerstein"; 3, Joe Ehrbar, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "The Makers"; honorable mention, Dan Webster, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Artist To The End"; Kathleen Merryman, Tacoma News Tribune, "Creativity Chaos"; Jim Kershner, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Solid Gold."

ARTS CRITICISM - 1, Mike Dunham, Anchorage Daily News, "Back to Nature"; 2, R.M. Campbell, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Seattle Opera's `Elektra' "; 3, Bob Hicks, The Oregonian, "Critics Are From Mars"; honorable mention, Jim Kershner, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "It's An Insult"; David Stabler, The Oregonian, "To Be or Not To Be."

BUSINESS REPORTING - 1, Staff, The Oregonian, "Enron Coverage"; 2, Stanley Holmes, Seattle Times, "How Boeing Woos Beijing"; 3, Eric Torbenson, Ken Olsen, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Timber Series"; honorable mention, Lisa Scagliotti, Anchorage Daily News, "Debt, Doubt and Carrs"; Tom Bell, Anchorage Daily News, "The Skin Game."

BUSINESS FEATURES - 1, Staff, Tacoma News Tribune, "737: A Star is Reborn"; 2, Jeff Manning, The Oregonian, "A Road Less Traveled"; 3, Stan Jones, Anchorage Daily News, "A Day in the Life."

BUSINESS COLUMNS - 1, Julie Tripp, The Oregonian; 2, Jim Gransbery, Billings Gazette; 3, Mike Francis, The Oregonian; honorable mention, Greg Heberlein, Seattle Times.

SPORTS NEWS - 1, Larry Stone, Seattle Times, "Catch 42"; 2, Ken Goe, The Oregonian, "Peak Performance"; 3, Angelo Bruscas, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Heads You Lose"; honorable mention, Elliott Almond, Seattle Times, "Case of Jerrod Mustaf"; Angelo Bruscas, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "On The Ropes."

SPORTS FEATURES - 1, Larry Larve, Tacoma News Tribune, "Promises to Keep"; 2, Paul Buker, The Oregonian, "Promises to Keep"; 3, Nan Elliot, Anchorage Daily News, "Mother of Champions"; honorable mention, Paul Buker, The Oregonian, "Exploring All the Options"; Daryl Miller, Anchorage Daily News, "The Great Traverse."

SPORTS COLUMNS - 1, John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune; 2, Steve Kelley, Seattle Times; 3, Lew Freedman, Anchorage Daily News; honorable mention, Laura Vecsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

EDITORIALS - 1, Wayne Thompson, The Oregonian; 2, David Sarasohn, The Oregonian; 3, Michelle Malkin, Seattle Times; honorable mention, Michael Zuzel, The Columbian.

HEADLINES - 1, Chris West, Seattle Post-Intelligencer; 2, Guy Ham, Seattle Post-Intelligencer; 3, Wally Rice, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

GENERAL COLUMNS - 1, Steve Duin, The Oregonian; 2, Karen McCowan, The Register-Guard; 3, Eric Mortenson, The Register-Guard.

FRONT PAGE DESIGN - 1, Michelle Wise, The Oregonian; 2, Randy Wright, Idaho Statesman; 3, Jeff King, Seattle Times; honorable mention, John Kafentzis, Spokane Spokesman-Review.

FEATURE PAGE DESIGN - 1, Dee Boyles, Anchorage Daily News; 2, Lance Lekander, Anchorage Daily News; 3, Pam Dunlap-Shohl, Anchorage Daily News.

NEWS PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Fredrick Joe, Tacoma News Tribune, "Dead Man's Curve"; 2, Chris Butler, Idaho Statesman, "DC-3 Crash Kills 2"; 3, David Grubbs, Billings Gazette, "Moo-ve Over"; honorable mention, Tom Boyd, The Columbian, "Irresistible Force"; Dean Koepfler, Tacoma News Tribune, "Highway Rescue."

FEATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Colin Mulvany, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Romanian Orphans"; 2, Jeff Larsen, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Audition"; 3, Paul Brown, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Lighthouse"; honorable mention, Dean Koepfler, Tacoma News Tribune, "Watchdog on Duty"; James Woodcock, Billings Gazette, "Fence Friend."

SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Troy Wayrynen, The Columbian, "Loose Ball"; 2, Dan Pelle, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Lil' Bit Happy"; 3, Dean Koepfler, Tacoma News Tribune, "Final Struggle"; honorable mention, Lui Kit Wong, Tacoma News Tribune, "Overwhelming Lyncs"; Dan Pelle, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Up and Over."

PICTORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Steve Nehl, The Oregonian, "Morning Sunrise"; 2, Fredrick Joe, Tacoma News Tribune, "Signs of Spring"; 3, Alan Berner, Seattle Times, "He and His Shadow."

PHOTOPAGE PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Alan Berner, Seattle Times, "American West in the '90s"; 2, Geff Hinds, Tacoma News Tribune, "A Time to Heal"; 3, Robin Layton, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "Children of the Shadows"; honorable mention, Kathryn Scott, The Oregonian, "Diana's Choice"; Betty Udesen, Seattle Times, "Home at Last."

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY - 1, Colin Mulvany, Spokane Spokesman-Review, "Left Behind"; 2, Troy Wayrynen, The Columbian, "Lori Ryan"; 3, Gary Settle, Seattle Times, "Seafood Chef"; honorable mention, Alan Berner, Seattle Times, "Proud Worker."

GRAPHICS - 1, Steve Cowden, The Oregonian; 2, Ben Garrison, Seattle Post-Intelligencer; 3 (tie), Rene Eisenbart, The Oregonian; James McFarlane, Seattle Times; Kevin Powell, Anchorage Daily News; honorable mention, Fred Matamoros, The Olympian; Chris Soprych, Karen Kerchelich, David Miller, Seattle Times.

ILLUSTRATING - 1, Dee Boyles, Anchorage Daily News; 2, Charles Waltmire, Spokane Spokesman-Review; 3, Steve Cowden, The Oregonian; honorable mention, Rene Eisenbart, The Oregonian; Allen Peterson, Bellingham Herald.

EDITORIAL CARTOONING - 1, David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer; 2, Chris Britt, Seattle Times; 3, Jack Ohman, The Oregonian; honorable mention, Milt Priggee, Spokane Spokesman-Review.


Overall excellence: 1, The Seattle Times Extra. 2, HeraldNet (Everett Herald). 3, MSNBC on the Internet. Honorable mention, Mirror Drive-Thru, Skagit Valley Herald Online.

Content: 1, The Seattle Times Extra. 2, HeraldNet (Everett Herald). 3, MSNBC on the Internet.

Design: 1, The Seattle Times Extra. 2, HeraldNet (Everett Herald). 3, MSNBC on the Internet. HM, Mirror Drive-Thru, Skagit Valley Herald Online.

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