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Mariner Monday

Mariner Monday -- Jamie Moyer

First baseball memory: Going with my dad to games and practices of the two fastball softball teams he played shortstop and pitched for almost every evening of the week. They were great guys and they allowed me to be a part of it. Favorite TV: "Hogan's Heroes," for myself; The Discovery Channel, when watching with the kids. Favorite meal: Oyster pie. It's a Pennsylvania Dutch meal. Favorite movie: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Also, anything about Alcatraz. Favorite vehicle: With any amount of money, still a pickup truck. Oddest thing ever to happen to me: I pitched three straight no-hitters in high school and my horoscopes predicted good things each time. One day when I was 16 my horoscope predicted a visit to a hospital. That night I tore up my knee in a ballgame and spent three weeks in hospital. Dream trip: I have two. In one, I'd travel through the minds of various baseball people, the men from the past who shaped the game like Connie Mack or Kennesaw Mountain Landis, and now men like Jimmy Key and Steve Carlton to see what they're thinking as they pitch. My second trip, would be a family reunion where we could all get together and golf or ski, or bike or hike or just sit and talk until we knew each other completely. Advice to kids: Work hard for your goals, believe in yourself, set those goals high and go for


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