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Visual Art Calendar


"A Bridge Home: Music in the Lives of Asian Pacific Americans," through Sunday; Wing Luke Asian Museum.

"The Spirit Within," through Sept. 19; Kinsey Gallery, Seattle University.

"Sumi-e Paintings" and Judy Harper, pottery, through Sept. 20; ArtsWest Gallery.

"Fresh Air" and "Explorations in Contemporary Glass," through Sept. 21; Museum of Northwest Art.

Hahn Rossman, sculptures and Chad Crouch, paintings, through Sept. 23; Baas Art Gallery.

"Hillclimbs, Reckless Rides and Highways in my Blood," through Sept. 24; Gust-o Furniture.

Edwin Koch and J. Marcus Bohne, paintings, through Sept. 27; Kimzey Miller Gallery.

"108 Prayer Beads," through Sept. 27; Mazey Hickey Gallery.

"Bio-Adversity," through Sept.27; Fisher Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts.

The Jon and Mary Shirley Collection, sculpture, through Sept. 28; Henry Art Museum.

"Susan Point: Coast Salish Art," through Sept. 28; Sacred Circle Gallery of American Indian Art.

Anne Siems, worked surfaces, through Sept. 28; Grover/Thurston Gallery.

Robert McNown, works on paper, through Sept. 28; Francine Seders Gallery.

John Cole, paintings, through Sept. 28; Lisa Harris Gallery.

Nancy Stonington, Karen Olanna and Rick Seeganna, through Sept. 30; Stonington Gallery.

Elizabeth Opalenik, photography, Peggy Washburn, prints, and Youth in Focus Group, photography, through Sept. 31; Benham Studio Gallery.

"Frozen Land, Warm People-Images From Russia's Chukotka Peninsula," through Oct. 1; Norton Building.

"The Blue Four," through Oct. 5; Henry Art Museum.

Lisa Burgess Alm, Cathy Dickson and Steve Ruetschle, paintings, through Oct. 5; Anderson Glover Gallery, Kirkland.

"Picturing Hong Kong: Photography 1855-1910," through Oct. 18; Handforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library.

"Inspiring Vision: Looking at Photography," through Oct. 19; Henry Art Museum.

Mayme Kratz and Lynn Geesaman, through Oct. 25; Elliot Brown Gallery.

"Objects in the Mirror . . . are Closer then They Appear," through Oct. 29; Cornish College Alumni Gallery.

"Masters," through Oct. 31; Kurt Lidtke Gallery.

Matthew Dennison, paintings, and "Focus on Wood," furniture pieces, through Oct. 31; The Fountainhead.

"Richard Whitten: Invisible Cities," through Nov. 2; Frye Art Museum.

"As the Century Turns: The Klondike Gold Rush," through Nov. 2; Museum of History and Industry.

"Korean Ceramics of the Koryo Dynasty: The Utterberg Collection," through Nov. 2; Seattle Art Museum.

"Worlds Within Worlds: The Richard Rosenblum Collection of Chinese Scholar's Rocks," through Nov. 16; Seattle Asian Art Museum.

"Heir Apparent: Translating the Secrets of Venetian Glass," through Nov. 16; Bellevue Art Museum.

Kumi Yamashita, through Nov. 23; Seattle Art Museum.

"Silent Voices: Rock Art of the Fremont Culture," tomorrow through Nov. 9; Frye Art Museum.

"Noctuids," "Spirit Makers and Mood Indicators" and "Whims of Perception," Thursday-Oct. 5; Foster/White Gallery, Kirkland.

"New Mystical Still Life," Thursday-Oct. 6; Gordon Woodside/John Braseth Gallery.

"Las Caras de Mexico: Pasado y Presente (The Masks of Mexico: Past to Present), Thursday-Oct. 15; Seafirst Gallery.

Potters' Sale, Thursday-Sept. 14; Phinney Neighborhood Center Hall.

"They Shoot Painters, Don't They?" Painting marathon and benefit auction, Friday; Center on Contemporary Art.

Kara Walker, paper silhouette, Friday-Nov. 20; Henry Art Gallery.

L. Mukwakwame Musikavanhu, paintings and poetry, Friday-Oct. 27; Mwoyo Arts.

"The Jewelry of Ken Cory: Play Disguised," Sept. 16-Nov. 30; Tacoma Art Museum.

An Afternoon With Arts 2000, Sept. 20; Bellevue Community College, Bldg. C.

Yoshikatsu Tamekane, woodblock prints, Sept. 20-Oct. 14; Azuma Gallery.

"The Objects in Hangar 2," Sept. 21-Oct. 12; former Sand Point Navy base, Hangar 2.

"Upon Reflection," woven tapestry, Sept. 24-Dec. 30; Washington State Convention Center.

Kiln Yard Sale, Sept. 25-28; Pottery Northwest.

"The Art of Vaslav Nijinsky," Sept. 26-Nov. 16; Frye Art Museum.

"Landscape in America 1850-1890," Sept. 26-Jan. 4, 1998; Tacoma Art Museum.

"Spirit Birds and Familiar Objects" and "Artifacts of Common Ceremony," Sept. 26-Jan. 11; Museum of Northwest Art.

"The People's Choice Project: Seattle's Most Wanted Painting," Sept. 27-Nov. 8; Center on Contemporary Art.

"Mad About Plaid," Sept. 29-Oct. 10; Seattle Central Community College Art Gallery.

Donald Fels, mixed media, Richard Deutsch, sculpture, through Sept. 28; Foster/White Gallery.


"Rumours from the Social Body," sculpture and paintings, Oct.2-Nov.1; Brave Dog Dead Dog Gallery.

"Volumes: A Collaborative Installation by Paul Martinez and Barbara Robertson," Oct. 2-Nov. 26; Pratt Gallery (at CoCA).

Michael Gregory, paintings, Oct. 2-Nov. 2; Grover/Thurston Gallery.

Asian Pacific American immigration exhibit, Oct. 2-Jan. 11, 1998; Wing Luke Asian Museum.

Anne Hirondelle, ceramics, Koren Christofides, paintings, Oct. 2-Nov. 2; Foster/White Gallery.

Gary Nisbet, "Sanctuary" paintings, Oct.2-Nov. 2; Lisa Harris Gallery.

Ed Musante, paintings, Elaine Housman, sculpture, Oct. 3-26; Francine Seders Gallery.

Fremont Art About Walk, Oct. 4; Marvin Oliver Gallery.

Langley Art Walk, Oct. 4; Museo Piccolo Gallery, Langley.

Fleur Cowles, paintings, Oct. 9-Nov. 9; Foster/White Gallery, Kirland.

Denita Benyshek, glass, Oct. 9-Nov. 16; Anderson Glover Gallery, Kirkland.

Mark Tobey, never before exhibited works, Oct. 9-30; Gordon Woodside/John Braseth Gallery.

Seattle Artists' Retrospective, Oct. 10-26; Seattle Center Pavillion.

Potters' Sale, Oct. 15-18; Happy Valley Grange, Redmond.

"Unpacking the Collection: 70 Years of Collections at the Henry," Oct. 16-July 19, 1998; Henry Art Gallery.

"Leonardo Lives: The Codex Leicester and Leonardo da Vinci's Legacy of Art and Science," Oct. 23-Jan. 4, 1998; Seattle Art Museum.

"Quilts in Reformation," Oct. 23-Dec. 12; Seafirst Gallery.

Seattle Weavers' Guild Annual Sale, Oct. 23-25; St. Mark's Cathedral.


Fremont Art About Walk, Nov. 1; Marvin Oliver Gallery.

Bainbridge Island Arts Walk, Nov. 2; downtown Winslow.

Richard Morhous, paintings, Nov. 5-30; Lisa Harris Gallery.

Robert Lyons, photographs, Nov. 6-30; Grover/Thurston Gallery.

William Cumming, Nov. 6-Dec. 1; Gordon Woodside/John Braseth Gallery.

Thomas Leaver, paintings, Mary Van Cline, glass, Nov. 6-30; Foster/White Gallery.

"George Fischer: Paintings," Nov. 7-Jan. 4, 1998; Frye Art Museum.

Philip Govedare, paintings, Nov. 7-30; Francine Seders Gallery.

Olabayo Olamiyi, recent works, Nov. 7-Dec. 29; Mwoyo Arts.

Woodcarving Show and Sale, Nov. 8-9; Western Washington Fairgrounds, Puyallup.

Art Blast, auction, Nov. 8; Mount Baker Community Club.

"Leslie Morgan: Nectar of Night/Seed of Day," Nov. 13-Jan. 4, 1998; Frye Art Museum.

Potters' Sale, Nov. 13-15; Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Roni Horn, sculpture, Nov. 13-Feb. 1, 1998; Henry Art Gallery

David Shaner, ceramics, Dale Lindman, paintings, Nov.13-Dec. 7; Foster/White Gallery, Kirkland.

Joel Stewart, watercolor paintings, Nov. 14-Dec. 9; Azuma Gallery.

"Multiples, A Group Show," Nov. 20-Dec. 24; Anderson Glover Gallery, Kirkland.

"The 1997 Northwest Annual," juried art show, Nov. 22-Jan. 16, 1998; Center on Contemporary Art.

Grand Re-opening Celebration, Nov. 23; Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

"The First 100 Years: Reflections of Seattle's Chinese Americans," Nov. 24-Dec. 12; Seattle Central Community College Art Gallery.

"Visions of Alaska," Nov. 28-Jan. 11, 1998; Frye Art Museum.

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