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State Legislature

# indicates incumbent

------------- 33rd District -------------

Joseph C. Coomer Democrat

Campaign phone: 206-431-9693.

Age: No response.

Residence: Burien.

Occupation: Retired Boeing engineer.

Family: No response.

Education: No response.

Endorsements: No response.

Reason for running: The buck stops here. If one wants to see changes in government and you do not see anyone stepping forward to propose changes you want to see, then it is up to that person.

Top three priorities:

1. Return accountability to the education system. I propose dedicated state funding for teachers, coaches, supplies, maintenance and custodians, the very heart of the education system. It would force the education officials to cut their fat when a levy fails.

2. Eliminate special (school levy) elections by putting them on the general election, but still retain the 60 percent requirement.

3. Welfare reform: Limit these benefits to the equivalent of minimum wage and additional reductions of 10 percent per year until a minimum of 60 percent of minimum wage is reached.

John O. Creighton Republican Candidate did not respond.

Julia Patterson # Democrat

Campaign phone: 206-878-0288.

Age: 43.

Residence: SeaTac.

Occupation: State senator.

Family: Married; three children.

Education: Bachelor's degree, society and justice, Washington State University; bachelor's degree, English, University of Washington.

Endorsements: Washington Conservation Voters, Washington State Council of Police Officers, SeaTac Professional Fire Fighters, Washington State Labor Council, Washington State Public School Employees, Washington Public Employees Association, King County Women's Political Caucus.

Reason for running: I believe that as a lifelong resident of our district, a volunteer in our schools and community, a founding member of the SeaTac City Council, a mother, a wife and a former small-business owner, I am the best-prepared and best-qualified candidate to represent our community.

Top three priorities:

1. Education: Make sure every child receives a quality education and that higher education is accessible to all who wish to attend. We also must alter funding methods to decrease dependency on school levies.

2. Growth management: Continue to resist efforts to weaken the Growth Management Act, a move that would allow unlimited urban sprawl, negatively impact our environment and encroach upon our ability to provide basic services such as adequate transportation.

3. Property taxes: Initiate property-tax relief, especially for retirees who live on a fixed income.

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