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Letters To The Editor

Racism And Sports -- What Relevance Does Junior's Skin Color Have To 56 Homers?

There I was reading your front-page article about Ken Griffey Jr. trying to get his 56th home-run ball back from a fan, and you had to go and point out that 56 is the most home runs ever hit by an African-American.

So what?

Why can't Junior just be a ballplayer? What possible relevance does his skin color or nose shape or hair type have to baseball, or anything else? It had never occurred to me to rank Junior on some "coloreds only" list. Why does this type of thought always occur to the staff of The Seattle Times?

Your PC editorialists would be the first to proudly bleat how wrong it is to judge people by race, yet every chance you get, you point out the obvious: Gary Locke is an Asian-American. Ken Griffey Jr. is an African-American. You slap a racial label on everyone so you can judge them against others with the same label. That's racism. Bill Muse


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