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Woman Rapist Sentenced To 6 Years

Seattle Times Staff Reporter

When Bridgette Latrice Brown, 23, knocked on the door of a Seattle woman's home and told her she was selling magazines to help get kids off the streets, the woman believed her.

When Brown told her she wanted to use the phone, the woman believed her.

But when Brown asked the woman to take her to a motel, then grabbed a knife and threatened to take her life . . . the woman was shocked.

What followed last June 18 was a night of terror for the woman, 28, who was tied up and raped repeatedly by Brown.

"I have never seen a stranger case," said King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor Kathy Goater, who heads the special assault unit. "A forcible rape of a woman by another woman? It rarely happens. In the context of a strange rape, I've never seen one like this before."

Brown was charged with second-degree rape and third-degree burglary. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced today to about six years in prison by King County Superior Court Judge Norma Huggins.

According to court documents, after Brown grabbed the knife and threatened the woman, she tied her up with electrical cords.

Brown then closed the shades and secured the locks on the doors and windows before returning to repeatedly attack her victim.

Before she left, Brown grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and poured it around the woman. She told her, according to court documents, "If you make any moves, I'll come back and torch the place."

She then fled.

Fingerprints from the scene and a photo ID by the victim led police to Brown, who already had a police record.

Since her arrest, Brown has refused to talk with investigators about the crime.

"She claims she blacked out and has no memory of what happened that night," Goater said.

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