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Jean Godden

Sightings In Seattle - They're Buff

Times Staff Columnist

Don't look now, but skin is in. Nudity is making the scene - if not exactly making a scene - in Latteland.

Odd, isn't it? This isn't the most likely place to find folks cavorting in the buff, especially on days when "afternoon sun breaks" turn out to be only a rumor.

Yet there have been several recent reports of nudity. A Metro bus driver reports seeing a phalanx of naked cyclists - several men and at least one woman - on Capitol Hill.

They weren't wearing helmets, either.

Then there's the Pierce County Transit driver who tells of an 8:15 a.m. sighting of three people - two men and a woman - standing on a cherry picker near Interstate 5 at Fife. They wore only their smiles as they waved at passing cars.

Latest birthday-suit sighting comes from Northwest Harvest's Ellen Hansen. Her husband picked her up in downtown Seattle at about 5 p.m. last Tuesday, a drizzly, overcast evening. As they drove along Eighth Avenue, they caught sight of a pedestrian heading north.

He was carrying a laptop and wearing a pair of shoes. Other than that, he was bare as a newborn babe. Hansen says the weird thing is the guy was walking just as casually as if he were dressed for success.

Hansen's co-worker David Bobanick also spotted the naked stroller. Bobanick says he watched as the guy entered the Lowell Apartments at Eighth Avenue and Seneca Street.

Bobanick guesses, "That guy must have lost a hell of a bet."

Speaking of nudes: There's finally news about what happened to the two naked bicyclists arrested during the Summer Solstice Parade in Fremont.

Seattle police ignored the naked bicyclists who preceded the parade. But when two nude interlopers cut into the marching order, they were scooped up by police officers.

The cyclists' fate at first seemed unclear. A call to City Attorney Mark Sidran's office was bucked to the King County prosecutor.

Eventually, the case was sent back to the city attorney. Last week, Sidran's assistant, Laurie Mayfield, reported, "The city is declining to file charges."

The reason? Mayfield said that, in order to prove indecent exposure, it's necessary to show the person's intent was to be obscene and cause alarm.

An unclad bicyclist in funky Fremont, home of Lenin, the Rocket and the Troll, isn't apt to start a riot.

Manor of speaking: A recent Coldwell Banker ad in Pacific Northwest magazine features an "English manor" with "level shorelands, pool, tennis, seaplane & boat moorage." Asking price: $26.5 million.

Realtors won't reveal the seller. But Hunts Point neighbors say it belongs to saxophonist Kenny G (born Gorelick) and his wife, Lyndie Benson. The home once was featured in Architectural Digest.

Ever wonder what kind of payment you'd have to make if you were in the market for such a mansion? Using the Windermere Realty Web site, real-estate agent Leslie Larson makes short work of the complicated math.

She says, "If you assume 10 percent down with 8 percent interest on a 30-year loan, your monthly payment would come to $175,002."

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