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Letters To The Editor

WTO -- Expect Apology From Malkin

Michelle Malkin's column in The Seattle Times ("The cattle in Seattle: You guys had it coming," Dec. 7) made me wonder just what journalists hope to achieve with what they write and just what Malkin, in particular, was hoping to accomplish by criticizing the city and the region that helps support her by buying the newspaper that pays part of her wages?

I could only think that an equivalent piece of arrogance would be a Boeing employee writing articles suggesting that the only planes worth flying are those built by Airbus.

On top of that, her article was full of the sort of invective that only those who live far away from a problem can really conjure.

What Seattle needs at present is a time of healing and reconciliation and a time of civic reconstruction following the fury and lies that Malkin and others propagate by their writing.

Armed with ignorance and angst, their pens display a disregard for the full canvas of bruised opinion out here.

Malkin's last paragraph summarizing Seattle as a "wannabe" player on the world scene left me furious, hurt and appalled at so short-sighted a judgment on what is still a beautiful city.

Why in the name of being fair to all points of view, do we have to read comments that kick a victim when it's down and rip at wounds that understanding and compassion would have a better chance of healing?

I feel Malkin needs to apologize to the city and its residents in her next article and I await that one with interest.

Tim Whittome Issaquah

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