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Seattle's `Art Detour' opens tonight

OK, you've seen the Hollywood versions. Now's your chance to get down and dirty and see what a real artist's studio looks like. Tonight, tomorrow and Sunday more than 100 local artists will throw the doors of their lofts, basements and warehouse cubbyholes open in the second annual "Art Detour."

Seattle painter Jaq Chartier, an organizer of the event, said most of the artists see it as an opportunity to get exposure for their work. "It's a way to discover people - a lot of artists are really underground. We're also looking at it as a way for artists to meet each other."

Of course, it's also a way to sell art, and Chartier says that what you'll find from studio to studio is very diverse: There'll be paintings, installations, sculpture, photography and a few people with crafts. You'll see some artists in their natural environments; others are planning to sweep the floor, tidy up, and hang things nicely on the walls.

You will probably find some great bargains, and Chartier says artists who are represented by local galleries have made arrangements with their dealers to cut them in on sales. That way the event won't be detrimental to the galleries and can remain a win/win situation for the whole community.

Tonight, you can stop in from 6 to 9 o'clock at the Rainier Cold Storage building (5628 Airport Way S., Seattle) for the big kick-off bash. For a $5 donation, you get a directory with a list of participating artists and a map of locations. Many of the studios are clustered in buildings, but some are independent, and a few are in the artists' homes. Studios in certain parts of the city are open at set times. For example, West Seattle studios can be visited from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Full information on places, times and participating artists is in the directories, or visit the Web site,

Directories can also be picked up for a $5 suggested donation at CoCA, Soil, Pratt Fine Arts, Howard House, Sev Shoon Arts Center, Artists Trust, Arts West, Columbia City Gallery, Daniel Smith and Espresso Vivace. Information: 206-324-2748.

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