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Curtis Williams

Questioning UW's courage is unfair

The Curtis Williams Fund was established because of Curtis' tragic injury to take care of long-term care expenses that would not be covered by other insurance. It is very likely that Curtis will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life, which could exceed $350,000 per year. It is clear how important the fund could become to his future. To suggest that there will be no need for the money in the fund because all of Curtis' expenses will be covered by insurance is shortsighted.

The University of Washington has no desire to endow a scholarship in Curtis Williams' name. The focus is to provide for Curtis. He loves his daughter and intends to provide for her the best he can. Issues related to child support are being resolved through the Department of Social and Health Services.

The university has been portrayed by Blaine Newnham ("UW needs to show the care, giving of community", Times, Feb. 1) as lacking in courage in this case. Nothing could be further from the truth. The compassion, commitment and courage displayed by student-athletes, coaches, the administration and fans has been remarkable. They are to be admired.

Barbara Hedges, Athletic Director, University of Washington


Stay away from Sosa

Larry Stone ("If door is ajar, Mariners should slam it for Sosa", Times, Jan. 28) argues that the Mariners need to try to make a deal for Sammy Sosa to show that they can bring a superstar into town, not just lose them. This is the Baltimore strategy of buying names instead of building a team. Sosa is 32 and starting to decline. He was in trouble with Manager Don Baylor last year for not hustling. How hard will Sammy put out when his home runs drop from 50 a year to the 25 or 30 that he would likely produce at Safeco? Will he mope? What would we have to give up to get one year of Sammy Sosa? He's probably not worth the price.

As Stone points out, the M's are still trying to upgrade at catcher or third. Shouldn't they be saving their trade material to solve the more obvious problems?

Henry Jasen, Bellevue

Super Bowl

It's all about the ads

I sat down with a few of my friends to watch commercials. They kept interrupting them with an athletic contest. Don't they get it? It's all about marketing, buying and consuming! The rest is all filler! Won't they ever learn? Geez!

Jerry Nash, Redmond


Stillwater loves Seattle

The Sonic organization should know that we appreciate the fact that they allowed Desmond Mason to come home to Stillwater during this tragic time. I know that many Oklahoma State University fans have begun watching the Sonics because Desmond is playing there, but we now have a greater respect for the Sonic organization. It meant a lot to this OSU family to have him there.

Oklahoma State, Class of 1986

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