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College basketball

UW's Bender is a class act

This basketball season has been a disappointing one for Husky Coach Bob Bender. But to his credit, he has not uttered one deprecating word about his players, his team or his assistants.

Coach Bender is one of a number of coaches around the nation who are products of the "Coach Mike Krzyzewski School." Mercer Island's Quin Snyder is another among the eight or 10 coaching "graduates."

Only two words can summarize Coach K, Bender, Snyder, et al.: They are "class acts," and college basketball needs more like them! Many thanks to Coach K for leading the way.

Todd H. Fast Sr., Seattle


Kelley needs more excitement

Nobody is ever truly safe. Airplanes fall out of the sky onto birthday parties. Submarines surface under your excursion boat. You can be poster boy for traffic safety and a patch of ice under a semi turns you into tomato sauce. A bank robber doing 60 mph runs a red light, and you become a fond memory.

It is, however, possible to better your chances of surviving any particular day. That's why a reasonable man keeps a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and wears his seat belts like they were the arms of angels. Sitting at a table reading The Times is significantly safer than taking expeditions out back or beyond. That is why I am amused at Steve Kelley's amazing discovery that going upcountry is dangerous.

Why is Steve up-the-country? He hasn't had enough excitement in his life. He hasn't lived through enough wars. He doesn't live in East Los Angeles or Lebanon. He doesn't handle Ebola or nuclear waste for a living. He doesn't volunteer to put Christmas lights on the Queen Anne tower or test Bill Boeing's latest concoction. He just hasn't had enough excitement.

Me, I'm going back to reading my Seattle Times.

Mark R. MacHogan, Seattle

Auto racing

A little coverage, please

The auto racing seasons are under way, and as always, very little if any coverage (qualifying, race results) from The Times. Think you could work on this a little? It's not that tough. You did OK last year.

Mike Austin, Renton

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