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Poor pay for poor play

Vin Baker says he is feeling the pressure of his contract. Easy cure for that pain is just to rework the contract and pay him based on his performance. That would take away the stress and pressure, and he would return to All-Star status!

Now, why didn't Wally Walker think of this solution?

These athletes all cry and whine when they think they are underpaid, and they sit out until their contracts are reworked. You would think the same would go when they are not performing up to their billing.

Farokh Talebi, Kirkland

Give 'em more air time

I have been a diehard Sonic fan since the mid-'70s, still have my championship T-shirt, have been regularly attending games and living the team's ups and downs for years.

I am excited about Howard Schultz and his new ownership team and have been thinking about a few small changes he could make to add to the average fan's enjoyment:

  • Show more games on TV. We just had one stretch in which just two of seven games were televised. This makes it difficult to maintain momentum.
  • Sign Kevin Calabro to the same long-term deal to which Nate McMillan was signed. Kevin is a constant strong point of the telecasts. He is always there for us.
  • Find a way to get Marques Johnson back as Kevin's sidekick. We miss the fun they had, along with Marques' unique perspective.
  • Broadcast the game in the hallways and restrooms at the Key during the games. I hate missing some action while waiting in line and would love to be able to keep up on the game while temporarily away from my seat.
  • Have more kids' clothing available in the Sonic store. I wanted to buy a sweatshirt last week for my 3-year-old son to continue his Sonic brainwashing, and there wasn't one.

Ken Boyer, Redmond


More Stottlemyres, fewer Thomases

It disturbed me that Larry Stone's article on Mel Stottlemyre's inspirational return (Feb. 25, Cancer-free Stottlemyre hopes to set example) was placed on the same page with the prima donnas that plague baseball today. Like a gnarly scar across the face of a fair-skinned beauty, these players such as Frank Thomas and Barry Bonds tarnish the game and show a complete lack of respect for the baseball fan.

Respect the people and players of baseball like Stottlemyre by giving them more space in your paper and, like Mel, fight and remove the cancer. We'll all be recovered then.

Eric Niemi, Yakima

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