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Don't worry about Ichiro; the little guy comes to play

A note to Mariner fans everywhere: Don't worry about Ichiro!

I know you've all seen the great numbers Ichiro put up in Japan, but questions linger about whether he can do it in the States.

After seeing Ichiro play for a number of years in Kobe, I have no question that not only will Ichiro be a solid player for years to come but he'll be a star in this league.

Yes, it's true that he's a little bit bigger than the batboy. Yes, he's got a quirky little swing that wouldn't scare the No. 3 pitcher from Eatonville High School.

But, I'm telling you, this guy is as confident as any player you'll ever see and brings it every day on a different level. Call it "wa" if you wish. He's a great guy who loves the fans.

He'll appreciate a little home cooking though, so please give him a big "Ichiro gambatte! (Do your best, Ichiro!)" when you see him on the field.

Ron Webster, Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

Putting the hex on A-Rod

Because of Alex Rodriguez's total disregard for the efforts of the Mariners to field a very competitive team and the complete support of millions of Northwest baseball fans, we hereby impose a curse on A-Rod for the duration of his major-league career. As with the "Curse of the Bambino," this will be the "Curse of the Great Northwest."

He chose to exhibit total greed, with little regard for fans and the financial stability of major-league baseball. Essentially, he chose to set the standard that will surely bankrupt the game.

We hope he will go 4 for 4 often, lead the league in home runs and RBI. We still think he is the greatest!

However, when he plays the Mariners, we hope that he screws up royally. May he witness many World Series involving the Mariners and realize that he could have been celebrating with us, in the Great Northwest.

Allan LeTourneau, Spokane


Huskies thank their fans

Thank you to all the fans and friends of our Husky women's basketball family. The support you provided throughout our march to the "Elite Eight" will always be appreciated. Having so many of you cheering for us was truly heartwarming and amazing. It made our journey an experience that, as players and coaches, we will remember for a lifetime.

June Daugherty, coach,

UW women's basketball


Dog-nabbit, he's back

Oh boy, Bobby Knight is back. Just when you thought it was safe to send your young son to play for the Texas Tech basketball team, they hire a new coach.

What is it with Texas Tech? Didn't they watch him at Indiana? Does basketball miss him that much or do we really need someone like him teaching our young men that the way to deal with frustration is to throw something, yell at someone or get in someone's face?

I wouldn't want him watching my dog.

Steve Drake, Seattle


Seattle is a place for the ages

Rickey Henderson, Patrick Ewing, now Jerry Rice? Is the word out that on the geriatric circuit that Seattle is a great place for a working retirement?

Kurt Dietl, Seattle

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