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This is a team game, not A-Rod and the 8 dwarfs

Pathetic! Moronic! Having thought I'd seen the worst case of stupidity in the Times' "A-Rod Watch," but the "M's Beat A-Rod" headline allows you to reach a new low in sports "journalism."

Forgive me, but I could have sworn I saw eight other Texas Rangers out there on the field, and several more individuals in the dugout wearing what appeared to be uniforms that had Texas in big letters on them.

Are these other people simply in some kind of insignificant supporting role, assisting him in his quest to play baseball better than it has ever been played by anyone in history?


Gary Milligan, Bellevue

No love lost from this fan

I'm starting to get really angry. Our team is the Mariners - the team without A-Rod. I don't want to hear anything more about him. The only thing I want to hear about A-Rod is Texas losing.

Janis Magri, Aberdeen

Let's show we're first class

When the Rangers come to town, I hope Mariner fans will give him a standing ovation for which he deserves. He was a role model for our children and played his heart out for the Mariners, and always with class. Let's show him we have class, too.

JoAnn Lorenzen, Federal Way


Schultz's grounds for success

Howard Schultz had some strong, and valid, observations about the state of the game as it is today (Times, April 8). He certainly could have fit a comment in here about how the NBA mirrors our society or vice versa. It looks as if his expectations for his organization are high. It will be interesting to see what he does when one of his multi-million-dollar prima donnas screws up.

Makes me think back to Charles Barkley. "Charles, even though you don't like it, you are a role model to our kids." Every ballplayer and every music and movie star out there is a role model. Too bad most of them are bad at it.

For the sake of Seattle, the Sonics and the NBA, I hope Schultz is successful.

Rick Naten, Shoreline


Take up tennis, Tiger

Tiger Woods has made a stellar accomplishment and many comparisons are being put forth. Many say it is the "greatest sports accomplishment" ever. I have failed to see anyone mention Rod Laver's Grand Slam in 1962 (all in the same year) at a younger age than Tiger. Laver did it a second time in 1969.

And one might also consider tennis a bit more strenuous/athletic than golf.

Joe Flanagan, Stanwood

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