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Rant and Rave!

Aw, the dog days of summer ... The days are getting shorter, the nights colder, but one thing remains constant: There's much to rant and rave about this week, with a little something for everyone.

— Tina Potterf, Seattle Times staff reporter

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Ticked off

A big rant for the exchange student from Scotland who knocked on my door after he saw my sign on the fence that read, "Whimsical signs for sale." He had a special request for a mountain with snowcapped peaks that said "Sherpa time" on it. I researched different Sherpa hats for hours and the jerk didn't even show up to buy it. Five hours of my time for nothing. Thanks a lot.

Making waves at Ocean Shores

What is with the cars and trucks being driven up and down the beach at Ocean Shores? When I go to the ocean and walk along the beach, I don't want to get hit by a truck. It is trashy and dangerous. Why does the Washington Department of Ecology allow this recreational pollution? Jeez.

A bouquet of sunshine

A rave to the family just south of Northeast Fourth on 156th in Bellevue for planting their flower garden in their front lawn to share with all who pass by. From spring to fall, the front yard is full of beautiful yellow blooms, bringing a ray of sunshine to all who pass by. What a wonderful way to bring a smile to those sitting in traffic. Thanks for being a good neighbor.


I owe a tremendous rave to the wonderful couple who risked life and limb to rescue my cellphone (and a rant to me for taking so long to thank them!). After golf, I absentmindedly put my cellphone on the roof of my car and forgot it. This wonderful couple saw it fly off around a corner and dodged six lanes of traffic at a Redmond intersection to rescue it and keep it safe. I hope and pray that "what goes around comes around" and that you both are blessed tenfold for what you did for me.

News alert

I agree: KIRO "breaking news" is a miserable interruption of the "Judge Judy" show. I learn more from the judge than from any of the many interruptions for breaking news. KIRO news is so obnoxious that I refuse to watch them at all. How's that for breaking news.

Changing times, changing diapers

An enormous rave to the local restaurants who are now installing baby-changing stations in their men's rooms. What a giant leap forward, as well as a great reminder that both mommies and daddies can change a diaper.

Bookmark this

An appreciative rave for all employees of the Seattle Public Library who gave up their paychecks for the entire week of Aug. 25 so we library patrons in Seattle can continue to enjoy library privileges. I really appreciate that.

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