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Letters to the editor

America speaks

Dear World, we're sorry and will be sorrier

Editor, The Times:

I and millions of Americans want to say we're sorry for inflicting the world with four more years of George Bush ("Bush wins second term," Times Web site, Nov. 3).

Given that the U.S. is currently the dominant power in the world, you will all be feeling our pain. I am guessing that after Bush is done with his administration, we will be in the beginnings of our long slide into an isolated and secondary player in the world. We will be burdened by crushing debt and the runaway inflation associated with it.

So, please know that we are not all mindless "family values" voters here and that we too fear for our children's future.
— Tory Haschak, Kirkland

Gyrate expectations

Well, I decided Wednesday I'm not mad! I can't be. More people turned out to vote in 2004 than ever before ... most people were actually excited about voting this year. People in my home state of Ohio waited six, eight and 10-plus hours in line to vote for what they believe.

If I can blame anyone, I should blame myself and others like me who didn't do enough to get the word out there about what John Kerry and what George Bush believe in. We as Democrats have to start a movement that can't be ignored and must be heard. If we want change, then we must create change ... or we will continue to have these close elections.

Are we really that different than 100 years ago? The North versus the South! The Union versus the Confederacy! We truly are a nation divided — Red and Blue!

So, don't despair; we can make a difference. If the next four years are as bad as the last four years, we will truly find out that voting Bush back in was a mistake of historic proportions. Time will tell.
— Ryan Richardson, Seattle

Bucked back to private

John Kerry need not report for duty this or any morning as president of the United States!

The reason is clear, yet will be denied by The Times and the morally bankrupt left. In public life, your private life is reflected in what you tend to say and do.

It's clear to a majority of voting Americans that John Kerry's tendencies are poor judgment, arrogance, corruptness, deceit and hypocrisy.

George Bush's life tendencies of integrity, discipline, determination, decisiveness, vision, courage, patience, optimism and a true devotion to America, have been clearly seen by the majority of voting Americans.

The majority knows that George Bush's character is soundly made of these very desirable character attributes. In the end, character does matter in the times we are living in.
— Robert Mullins, Federal Way

D.C. cosmic

I can't tell you what great comfort it gives me to know that the majority of people who bothered to cast their vote this election appear to be as self-serving, delusional and "moral" as the man they cast their vote for.

How silly the rest of us are for daring to think that things really could be better — hahahaha.

Hey wait! This joke's on ... who?
— Twig Menne, Edmonds

Farewell address

Hurrah! President Bush has won re-election. Time for joyous celebration!

Women of America, say goodbye to your right to choose what happens to your body!

Children of America, let's give a big hello to prayer in public schools! For that matter, all Americans should give a warm welcome to President Bush's right-eous Christian doctrine, which helps guide all his brilliant decisions!

People with Parkinson's, spinal-cord injuries, diabetes and Alzheimer's, say goodbye to any hope of federally funded stem-cell research!

And finally, Canadians, say hello to me, because I'm on my way!
— Dana Chapman, Kirkland

Goodbye cruel word

For all the Michael Moores, Move-On.orgs, Sean Penns, Whoopi Goldbergs, Paul Krugmans, CBSs/New York Times, Richard Clarkes and Howard Deans; for all the vindictive editorials in the weekly local papers, and for the sick and baseless accusations of being called a Nazi and a liar, there is but one thing to say: Your "five-minutes of hate," as Orwell put it, are up and over.

This is proof that hatred will never win. And that's a very good thing.
— Peter Fesler, Seattle

Conceding a weakness

John Kerry conceding is a slap in the face. After stating Tuesday night that all votes would be counted, he concedes with possibly 250,000 provisional ballots uncounted in Ohio.

I guess George Bush was right — Kerry is a flip-flopper. Knowing how weak Kerry is, it makes it easier to accept Bush's victory.

However, I am 50 years old — I can take it. I think this will really be a blow to young Democrats and new voters. Shame on John Kerry.
— Maria Pascualy, Seattle

Mission accomplices

I am despondent to learn that so many American voters chose a leader who has failed this country in every way mostly because of his "moral values."

How can anyone look at the death and destruction in Iraq, the lack of interest in the suffering in Sudan, the pandering to industry to the detriment of the health of our aged, our women, our children, our poor, and our environment and call this a "moral" administration?

This country was founded by people who wanted to avoid religiosity in government and now, having firmly ignored that thoughtful ideal, it is rapidly reversing progress toward world peace and respect for all of creation. Do those "evangelicals" forget that God gave them brains so that they might use them?
— Jan Hurd, Poulsbo

Declined intervention

The Democrats will never win another election if they continue to allow the anti-God side of the party to dominate the platform. This country has a long tradition of conservative Christianity, and the sooner the Democrats accept that fact and stop doing counter-productive things, like trying to remove the Ten Commandments from government buildings, or making prayer in schools illegal, the sooner they will return the power.

The fact is, the Democrats have alienated many in the religious community, in particular the Christian community, and that is not a situation that will be corrected when they have people like Michael Moore honored at their convention.

The Democrats must get the church back on their side, which means they are going to be forced to stifle the ACLU and organizations that are attempting to eliminate Christianity from mainstream thought.
— Phil Caldwell, Edmonds

Sins for gluttons

The American public has been robbed, cheated and lied to for four years. And they just went back for seconds.
— Joe Asher, Seattle

Campaign toast

Oh! Seattle, Seattle. Drink a cup of Jim Jones Kool-Aid. Call in the grief counselors. Close the Volvo dealerships. Break out the French wine and Prozac. Throw yourselves on a burning pyre of stolen and vandalized Bush-Cheney yard signs. Open your windows, hear the cheers — Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! And live with it!
— Warren Peterson, Seattle

Back to the feudal

Announcement to persons arriving in U.S.: "Welcome to America, please turn your watches back 300 years."
— Barb Becker, Bellevue

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