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Carry on without Tim Gunn? It wouldn't be the same "Project"

Seattle Times staff reporter

The sky is falling!

Rumors that season four of "Project Runway" may return without design mentor Tim Gunn reportedly caused my editor's Tori Spelling Barbie to fall over in shock. To no one's surprise, my Tim Gunn bobblehead doll remained composed.

In its current issue, Entertainment Weekly speculates that Bravo may be in such a hurry to begin production on "Project Runway's" next season that it could proceed without the show's breakout star, whose day job as fashion chair at the Parsons design school prohibits filming until after the school year.

I immediately confronted my Tim Gunn bobblehead with the news — he stands next to my computer and during frequent bouts of writer's block encourages me to "make it work" — but he did little more than nod agreeably. Panicked, I fired off an e-mail to the real Tim Gunn, who responded with an agreeable "You are so dear to write," but "regrettably, I cannot comment." He did, however, wish me a happy holiday, so in my mind the exchange was not a total loss.

A source at Bravo would confirm only that "everything is in the works" for season four, and that an announcement about production and premiere dates is forthcoming. But "Project Runway" without Gunn's firm but kind guidance and extensive vocabulary is like Michael Kors without Mystic Tan or Nina Garcia without boredom — unimaginable and preposterous.

While Gunn remains the only "Runway" star without a contract in place at this time, a show producer insists the team will carry on: "Every season, we've confronted the same issue of schedules. Obviously, one of the reasons the show is so great is that all the people are top professionals in the fashion industry," said Sarah Rothman of the Weinstein Co. "Tim has a schedule, Heidi has a schedule. ... We're confident that the team will be back in place."

In less dire reality-TV news, a Seattle Internet entrepreneur has been selected to compete on the sixth edition of NBC's "The Apprentice." I had an opportunity to interview UW grad James Sun, 29, but the only thing I really wanted to know is, why should anyone watch "The Apprentice" anymore?

"I can't really comment on that," he said. Promising. However, NBC is doing its best to shake up Trump's once-dominant show by moving it from New York to Los Angeles and banishing losing team members to Exile Island, i.e. the backyard. Yes, winners get to sleep in the mansion, and losers get Porta Potties. It's a shocking Mark Burnett twist!

Sun, for his part, is among a diverse cast of mostly lawyers — and one Olympic hockey player — who earned his spot with his passion for business. He started reading The Wall Street Journal at 13 and is currently CEO and founder of the Seattle-based networking site

"I immigrated from Korea at age 4. My father had $35 to his name," Sun said. "Growing up poor created a big fire in my heart to succeed." The new season of "The Apprentice" premieres Jan. 7 (9:30 p.m., KING).

In the interest of space, this week's recaps are presented in haiku form:

"The Amazing Race"

Team Zoolander wins

Rob and Kim make a sad face

No big diamond ring

"The Real World"

Liquor leads to rage

"I have a drinking problem"

Don't go home, Davis

"Survivor: Cook Islands"

Yul, I fear for you

Do not underestimate

Power of Adam

"America's Next Top Model"

Battle of the blondes

As long as it's not Melrose

Everybody wins


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