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Peeps 2007 | Nothing brings out creativity like marshmallow farm animals!

You outdid yourselves this year.

You created Peeps sculptures, movie posters, magazines, dioramas and a first: Peeps apparel. In all, we got more than 350 entries.

A lot of you were inspired by a movie: We got around 10 "Peeps of the Caribbeans" (edging out last year's popular "Brokepeep Mountain").

More surprising, who knew Peeps were such activists? We got Peeps melted by global warming, ecoPeeps sitting in a tree, anti-war Peeps, GreenPeeps sailing the ocean.

Unfortunately we can only publish a few of your entries, so we've chosen the best and added them to our "Peeppalooza" photo gallery.

Check out our selection from last year in "Peeps from the past" galleries.

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