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Snohomish County opinion

Letters to the Editor

Words on the war

Wearing ribbons with pride

Editor, The Times:

I must take exception to letter writer Margery Krieger ["Cut in ribbons," Times Snohomish Voices, Aug. 1]. I am one of the many support-the-troops folks out here. I also served my country proudly as a senior noncommissioned officer for more than 15 years in the United States Marines.

To imply that by displaying a yellow-ribbon emblem on my vehicle I am saying "Support the war. The troops and (the truth) be damned," is an aberration!

I support each and every one of our troops without reservations and without conditions, for this is the way it should be! Not showing support for the troops is unpatriotic, to say the least.

— Donald Guenthner, Mountlake Terrace

If only they had sons

If our country had a draft and President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney had fathered sons instead of daughters, we wouldn't be in Iraq today — and thousands of servicemen and women would be alive today.

— Noel French, Mukilteo

No motocross

A mountain's plea

For generations, I, the Mountain Loop Highway region, have provided a natural environment for you and your families to explore. You have enjoyed hiking my trails, camping in my forest, fishing or kayaking in one of the many waterways. My mountains you have climbed and my wildlife you have had the pleasure to observe. I have always held a peaceful presence where you could just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. You have known me to be the definition of "green." Now my reputation is threatened. I need your help.

MXGP Inc. is proposing a 435-acre motocross complex with three racetracks to be developed along the north side of the Mountain Loop Highway, approximately six miles east of Granite Falls.

This will affect all of you who live on or travel up the "Loop" to spend time in my pristine wilderness.

As you sit on top of Mount Pilchuck taking in the view, you will also be hearing the sound of 150-plus dirt bikes racing in the valley below you. When you hike the Robe Trail or Monte Cristo railroad tunnels, you will be hearing the buzz of dirt bikes racing one mile down the road. This motocross project is in no way beneficial to my environment, ecosystem or the wildlife that lives within.

I provide an all-natural refuge for you to "get away from it all" and refresh your spirit. Your speaking out for my preservation now will help maintain my natural existence for future generations to experience.

— Gayle Kosydar, Granite Falls

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